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During the drier months, especially the winter, my hair breaks and becomes so brittle. Sometimes I feel like I’m sporting a halo of frizz from all the fly-aways! There are so many different products—leave-in treatments, anti-frizz serums, Moroccan argan oil—but nothing has made a noticeable difference.

After trying everything in the market, I’ve finally found the best product. I’ve been using coconut oil products for my hair and after only a few washes, my hair is silkier and looks healthy again. I’ve learned how to improve my weak, dry hair and you can, too, with these tips!

Why Coconut Oil works Wonders

coconut oil and coconuts

Coconut oil has become one of the most popular, multi-purpose oils around the world and it’s no wonder. You can cook with it, hydrate your skin and face, diminish the appearance of scars, and nourish your hair. In fact, it’s been used on hair for thousands of years!

It’s loaded with the carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals your hair and scalp need. Coconut oil contains hair-strengthening properties that protect against hair loss and even balding.


For people like me whose hair has become brittle and damaged from hair dye, weather, and styling, coconut oil is the only thing that revives it. There’s nothing coconut oil can’t do—take a look at its benefits:

Okay, but how can it really help with hair growth? Well, it’s the combination of benefits that protect against breakage that, over time, allow the hair to remain strong and grow longer. 

Coconut oil helps shield your locks by binding fatty acid to hair proteins and offers protection from root to tip.

Unlike other minerals and oils, coconut oil contains something called lauric acid which improves hair health fast. This oil also penetrates the hair shaft deeply. By doing so, each strand is strengthened and is protected against environmental conditions (the cold, heat and dryness).

It’s recommended that coconut oil gets massaged into the scalp as well, to improve blood circulation and boost oxygen delivery to your hair follicles. Lightly coating the scalp is also a great remedy to kill bacteria and hydrate a dry scalp. Lastly, coconut oil provides a whole ton of nutrients. Not only is it a natural antioxidant, but it’s rich in vitamins E and K, and even contains iron.

Why Going Natural is Better For Your Hair

With all the hair care brands on the market, I used to just settle on whichever item was on sale. Then I started doing some research. Most shampoos and conditioners contain toxins which are scary because our scalps contain 650 sweat glands and a near 1,000 nerve endings that absorb them right away.

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Once these chemicals enter our bodies, they actually bypass the liver completely and get passed through the bloodstream. These toxins are not being filtered out.

Now, I only use products from brands I can trust—the ones who use ingredients I can pronounce and understand. Just because a product is at the store does not make it safe to use.

Of the dozens of common ingredients used in your shampoo, many of them have been linked to cancer, asthma, and skin irritation. The following are just a few of the common toxins hair care products contain:

Diethanolamine (DEA)

This is a lathering agent almost ALL shampoos have. As consumers, we have associated a “good” shampoo to those with rich lathers. While it reacts with the other chemicals, DEA can create extremely potent carcinogens, particularly nitroso diethanolamine (NDEA). If NDEA is absorbed through the skin, it can cause bladder, liver and stomach cancer.


Propylene Glycol

This stuff is found in anti-freeze. How does it relate? Believe it or not, it’s found in a lot hair products and even hand sanitizers, baby products, and moisturizers. We are cautioned to avoid use on skin because it causes kidney damage, yet it remains a staple in many toiletry products. Scary stuff.


Artificial fragrances can contain up to thousands of chemicals including phthalates. This chemical in particular often called a plasticizer, is added to PLASTIC to make it more difficult to break. The worst part about fragrance ingredients is that they’re unknown; companies purposely won’t list their secret concoction, so it’s left a mystery to the consumer.

Yes, 100% natural, vegan alternatives might cost a little more, but they’re the safest alternative to regular products. I won’t touch the stuff I used to use, especially since I found natural ones that actually makes my hair look better than it ever has. I’ve learned to read labels and feel better knowing what I’m putting on, and ultimately in, my body.

How to Choose The Best Oil

I have tried nearly every hair oil product in the market ranging from $10 bottles from the drugstore to ones well over $100 from luxury brand retailers. Regardless of what I paid, I found the same two things were consistent:

  1. With only a few drops, they made my hair either oily or incredibly dense so that I couldn’t style it the wanted I wanted.
  2. The oil was rarely ever pure.

To choose the best coconut oil for your hair, read the ingredients. You’re looking for something 100% natural and PURE—oil purity is the key to unlocking its full benefits. 


Keep in mind, companies will purposely decrease the size of the font used for their product’s ingredient lists!

One of my favorite lines so far is by NIUCOCO because they only use cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil, an ingredient I’ve yet to find on any other label. Their products are also free of artificial fragrances and phthalates—they’re entirely chemical-free and they work well. 

And for a limited time, they’re offering 25% off their Experience Package to all Hearty Soul readers! Just enter the Promo Code: THSLOVE25 to receive your discount today. 

There’s a reason everyone’s going crazy for coconut oil, give it a try and see the results for yourself!

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