Posted on: January 27, 2017 at 1:03 pm
Last updated: November 23, 2017 at 11:02 am

Have you ever been working away in your kitchen either cooking or cleaning when suddenly you have a flash of genius? Maybe you find a way for saran wrap not to wrinkle up and stick to itself every single time or something!

You might get your chance to pitch the idea behind your brilliant kitchen hack one day. For now, here are some awesome things that will make the time you spend in the kitchen easy and seamless!

20 Kitchen Gadgets That Make Your Life 10x Easier

1. Boil-Over Cover

How is it that whenever you step away from your pot of boiling water for a second it boils over and dirties your stove? This cover will catch your boil-over! You can find it here.

2. Dry Goods Dispenser

Keep your dry food products fresher for longer and control how much you use with ease. These dispensers are awesome (and great for pet food, too). Get a few here!

3. Portioning Spoon

This spoon will give you the perfect portion of cookie dough and keep your hands clean too! Add it to your baking kit today!

4. Cheese Slicer

Nice! Slice twice as fast with this gadget and have pieces perfect to pack for your kids’ lunches. We found it for you.


5. Clip-On Spout

Pour all the extra liquid out of your pot without your noodles ending up in the sink with it! This one’s a gamechanger – you’ll want to buy a couple for your kitchen!

6. Batter Dispenser

Lose the ladle and gain control with this kitchen gadget. It’s perfect for your Sunday brunch pancakes. Find it here and get better with batter!

7. Purée and Sauce Press (aka the Potato Ricer)

Making purées and sauces can seem daunting and time-consuming. But with a few squeezes, you can be on your way with minimal effort. Here it is!

8. Electronic Knife Sharpener

It sounds strange but a dull knife is a dangerous knife. This e-sharpener will keep your knives sharp and make your cooking process quicker. You’ve got some options and this is one of them.

9. Finger Guard

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While working with those sharp knives, this little piece of kitchen armor will protect your fingers and allow you to slice with precision. Add the Finger Guard to your electronic knife sharpener purchase!

10. Avocado Slicer

Avocados seem to only have one downside – they can be messy! But this 3-in-1 must-have will give you the perfect avocado slices. Try it for yourself!

11. Clipped Bag Holder

If your kids aren’t home to lend a helping hand, this bag holder is amazing. Its clips hold your bags open and let you fill them without making a messy countertop! Check it out here.

12. “Oiladdin” Oil Dispenser

Have you ever picked up a bottle of olive oil and nearly had it slip out of your hands and onto the floor!? We hope not. This oil dispenser keeps excess oil from running down the bottle. You can control how much you use a lot better too! Get some here for next to nothing.

13. Pasta Portioner


Not sure how much pasta to cook for your family? This gadget has spaces that you fill with dry pasta to know how much, for example, a little boy or his dad should eat (there’s even an option for when you’re hungry enough to eat a horse). Start practicing healthier portion control today!

14. Rolling Garlic Chopper

Garlic sure smells and tastes great in food but it’s a pain getting the smell out of your fingertips when you cut them manually. This little gadget does the job for you – all you to do is put the clove in and roll. Find it here for all of garlic’s benefits without the lingering smell.

15. French Fry Slicer

Forget the freezer fries and start frying or baking them yourself! This slicer creates the perfect fry-ready potatoes to pop in the pan or the oven. Get one for your kitchen here – your family will love it!

16. Paper Toaster Bags

These bags are awesome for those morning rushes out of the house, especially if you’re going to have to eat on the go. They’ll keep your kids clean and your toaster cleaner. Here they are.

17. Elastic Lunchbox

This thing is compact, cool and unlike any lunchbox, we’ve seen before. Kids will think it’s awesome, too! Get one for next September!

18. Cutting Board with a Scrap Collector


When your slicing and dicing food, the food scraps can start to take up all the room on your cutting board. This awesome cutting board has a scrap collector attached to it so you don’t have to stop every few minutes. Check it out here !

19. Gap Cover

The places don’t think of are the ones that get most dirty, like the space between your stove and countertop. It isn’t until you pull the stove that you realize you’ve got quite the clean-up job to do. This gap cover keeps crumbs, sauces and more from falling between the cracks. Super simple. Super effective. Get a pack here .

20. Everlasting Herbs

This gadget is great for keep herbs fresh for long periods of time. We understand – sometimes you get too much of one thing but now there’s no reason you have to throw away soggy, slimy herbs! and eat fresh always.

21. Whisk That Separates Your Eggs

Craving an egg white omelette? Separate your eggs in a split second and then whisk away! Get it here.

Here are some other kitchen gadgets that may interest you!

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