Posted on: March 31, 2020 at 4:55 pm
Last updated: August 26, 2020 at 4:16 pm

COVID-19 has been canceling everything: Concerts, major marathons, weddings, the Olympic Games, and the list goes on. These cancelations are a tough pill to swallow for most of us, however, as adults, we at least have the capacity to understand what’s happening and why.


Many of our children, unfortunately, don’t have the ability to fully understand what’s going on. All of a sudden they can’t go to March break camp, visit their grandparents, or even go play in the playground anymore, and they don’t fully grasp why.

What’s even more heartbreaking are all of the kid’s birthday parties that have to be canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak. For little Oliver, the neighborhood came together like never before to make sure he was celebrated on his special day.


The Prestwick Parade

Oliver, along with three other children in the neighborhood, all had to cancel their birthday parties because of the coronavirus outbreak. Most Prestwick residents knew about this, and so decided to celebrate the birthdays COVID-19 style: With a parade from their cars.

Revelers drove slowly past each child’s house waving and honking from their car windows while the child and their parents stood on their driveways and watched. Oliver’s mom was overwhelmed by the kindness displayed by her neighbors, posting a video with a cute thank you message from Oliver at the end.

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How to celebrate your kids’ birthdays during social distancing

If you have a child who has a birthday during this time of physical distancing, then you know how hard it is going to be letting them know that they can’t have a birthday party this year. Thankfully, there are still a number of ways you can make sure your child doesn’t feel forgotten on their birthday:

  1. Organize a birthday parade.
    Organizing a birthday parade like the one in Oliver’s neighborhood isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Call or leave notes in your neighbor’s mailboxes letting them know a date and time for the parade. Decorate your front lawn, driveway, or porch so that it’s clear which house is the birthday house. You can also encourage your neighbors to decorate their cars. Then, with your child at a safe distance back from the road, you can watch as friends and neighbors drive by, honking and waving, to wish them well on their special day.
  2. Order a cake or make one.
    What’s a birthday party without a cake? Get into the spirit and bake a cake at home with your child, or order one from your favorite local bakery. Whichever route you go, your kid will be excited to have a beautifully sweet birthday cake for their day – and hey, no party means more cake for them!
  3. Host a Netflix Party
    Using Netflix’s new party feature, you can have a movie party for your child with their friends. Pick a movie and a time and send out the invites. Decorate the house and get your child’s favourite movie snacks ready. Have their friend’s parents help them type happy birthday messages in the chat function, and perhaps even have each party “attendee” send a photo of them in a party hat.
  4. Party Princess
    If your child is a big Disney Princess fan, then you can book them a 20-minutes Facetime call with their favorite princess from Party Princesses. This is currently being offered for 50% off, so a call costs just $24.
  5. Facebook Party Wish
    My Studio Party has created a Facebook page where people can post about either their own or their child’s birthday and a performer can send them a video or picture wishing them a happy birthday. For example, you can post that your child loves magic shows. Magicians in the group will see your post and can send video clips of them performing magic tricks along with a birthday message for your son or daughter.
  6. Get crafty
    Plenty of local craft stores and art studios are putting together programs where they will send you art supplies and instructions so you and your kids can flex your creative muscles. From silk screening to pottery painting there are plenty of options for you to explore.
  7. A day of fun
    Just because you are stuck at home doesn’t mean it has to be boring. This year for their birthday, let your child rule the roost: From start to finish, let them decide the plan for the day, from what they want to eat to what activities they want to do. Encourage them to get creative and have fun. If this one scares you, have some suggestions on hand. Try things like creating a backyard obstacle course, playing fun games like tag and hide and go seek, or building a pillow fort. Be sure to go to the store in advance to make sure you are stocked up on supplies for food, crafts, and other necessities.

Just because your child can’t have a party this year doesn’t mean that their birthday can’t be memorable. A little creativity will go a long way, and as long as your child feels special and loved, they will be happy.

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