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It’s insane how versatile apple cider vinegar (ACV) is. It’s becoming wildly popular and many people are finding that it has uses far beyond the typical weight loss and blood sugar stabilizer remedies.

With this popular (and tasty!) drink being widely available at supermarkets, you can experience all the benefits of drinking a serving of this before a meal or using it for these eight uncommon uses!

Helps with Iron Absorption

If you’re one of the many people that suffer from anemia or just low iron in general, consider drinking ACV before a meal to help! People such as those that choose a vegan diet, young women who menstruate, athletes, and more people don’t absorb the proper amount of iron.

How to benefit: drink the recommended serving amount (about 1-2 tablespoons of ACV in a glass of water) before a meal to help increase your iron absorption!


Prevents Indigestion

If you find you can’t eat certain foods because they lead to indigestion, you might try some ACV before a meal! Although there’s no solid research to support this, many people find that ACV prevents indigestion. This could be due to its pectin content, which may help decrease stomach spasms and intestinal pain.

How to benefit: Drink the recommended serving amount mixed with a bit of honey and warm water up to a half hour before a meal.

Beneficial for Acne

ACV is about to become your next beauty bud! Use ACV as a toner in order to restore your skin’s proper pH and help soothe acne. It’s even rumored to make skin softer and smoother!

How to benefit: Apply diluted ACV (the dilution is important!) with a cotton ball or clean cloth to your face and neck or any other areas of your body that are acne-prone.

Recover Faster from a Cold

Prevention is the key here: if you feel you’re getting sick, have some ACV! You can gargle with ACV mixed with water to help stop a sore throat, or clear congestion. The acidic nature of ACV helps to stop germs and prevent congestion.

How to benefit: For a gargle, mix equal parts ACV with warm water. For a congested nose, mix about a teaspoon in with water and drink it down! The water will help rehydrate you as well.

Get Rid of Those—HIC—Hiccups!

Getting the hiccups is annoying and can be embarrassing. They always seem to happen at the worst times. If you have ACV on hand, simply employ this power drink to stop your embarrassing hiccups! Although we’re not sure exactly how it works, ACV’s bitterness may have something to do with its hiccup-stopping power.

How to benefit: Just pour a teaspoon of this stuff and drink it!

Lower Your Cholesterol


Again, not a lot of science to back this one, put ACV is reportedly excellent for lowering your cholesterol. Even one serving a day is enough to help!

How to benefit: Take the recommended dosage in a glass of water at least once a day!

Cure Dandruff

Dandruff is yet another embarrassing and annoying thing our bodies do. ACV can help by balancing the pH of your skin and helping your hair to grow healthily and without dandruff. Yes, even Dr. Oz says so!

How to benefit: Mix equal parts ACV and water and rinse your hair or spray onto your scalp. Let sit for up to an hour, then wash hair. Daily treatment is not necessary, try to do only 2-3 times a week!

Whiten Teeth + Help Bad Breath


Our oral health is so important for our bodies! ACV can help your mouth out by whitening teeth and neutralizing the pH of your mouth, which can help defeat the germs that cause bad breath. It also helps to remove surface stains.

How to benefit: For white teeth, gargle before brushing with ACV. To help fight bad breath, gargle with ACV or drink a teaspoon (either concentrated or diluted) to experience fresher breath!

ACV has a wide variety of applications that people all over the world are discovering. For extra benefits, be sure to buy organic and raw ACV, especially when using topically such as on skin or hair. Discover the power of ACV with this eight uncommon uses for this popular drink!

A note of caution: Vinegar contains yeast, which is a type of mold. Although molds are natural to our bodies, some people react to yeast and mold. If you’re sensitive to molds or have a yeast allergy, it’s best to avoid ACV!

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