Posted on: October 13, 2015 at 3:34 pm
Last updated: September 26, 2017 at 2:32 pm

Probiotics. You hear about them all the time. They’re good for your tummy. Well, the bacteria in your tummy and intestines. And a happy tummy means a happy you. No, really, healthy gut bacteria has been linked by several studies to improved moods and mental states in people. Meaning probiotics can help you if you’ve been feeling a little down or a little less energetic than usual.


But probiotics can do so much more. Like keeping the bacteria everywhere in your body in balance, preventing sickness, infections and funguses. Really, there’s no way probiotics could do anymore for your body.

Except now there are! Recent research has indicated that probiotics at any age can reduce eczema and boost your immune system. Yeah, I know. These little critters are unimaginably useful.


Immunity and Probiotics?

I’ve given you a sort of overview, but really, what’s the science? It all starts when you’re a baby. When you’re tiny, you interact with a bunch of things you’ve never experienced before. You’re body first meets bacteria on your way through the birth canal. That’s the very first time you come into contact with bacteria and there’s no avoiding it after that. The more microorganisms you come into contact with when you’re little, the more your body learns to tolerate – rather than attack or fight them. This increases your immunity – your body recognises them as non-harmful.

To keep all of this new learning in balance in those first few months, breast milk contains probiotics – more tiny little bacteria (or enzymes). You’re body quickly learns that probiotics are good for you, welcomes them, and wants them for the rest of your life.


But there’s another benefit. Babies who are breastfed by moms who take probiotics are less likely to have eczema – by a whole 40%. Eczema is swollen, red, itchy skin, so reducing this is sort of essential in babies. No, it’s not harmful by itself, it’s what comes after. If you’ve ever seen a newborn they often wear little mittens. These mittens are there to keep a baby’s sharp fingers nails from cutting through the sensitive newborn skin. Eczema drastically increases the risk of scratching – and so letting in possibly harmful bacteria into the blood stream and also causing scarring later in life.

Okay But…

Yeah, I know. Some of you can’t breastfeed your little ones. Or you choose not too. I’m not judging. There are blood blisters and overeaters and you’re sensitive… whatever it is: no judgements. You can still expose your children to probiotics with specially formulated


So While I’ve Got Your Attention

This isn’t just for children. Probiotics have shown to help adult eczema too. So if you’re suffering and you can’t get your daily needs of probiotics for whatever reason, (it’s hard to get your hands on kefir or tempeh) you can always get your needs from a supplement. We’re recommending these from the Eisenstein Center.




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