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Do you enjoy wine? I know I don’t mind having a glass here and there. However, we’ve got something you may not have heard of. If you are not familiar with dandelions, they are a beautiful addition to the beautiful weather.

Dandelions actually have very interesting uses. They can be used for a number of different things, one of which being for salads. Many people have dabbled with dandelions in their salad, the results of these experiments have actually gone very well, and generally people don’t mind them.

I’m here to share with you something you might not have heard about before. Dandelion wine is a delicious herbal mixture that is making itself known in the health and wellness world. I’m here to share with you the not-so-secret recipe to your very own batch of herbal wine. This dandelion recipe is a great conversation starter and an excellent beverage to share with your family and friends.

Lets go through the process set by step and ingredient by ingredient. Start by picking dandelions mid-morning, or early afternoon. Be sure to pick the best-looking dandelions you can find, ones with a full mane.

Once you have gathered roughly 6 quarts of dandelions, stalks removed and all, you may continue to assemble the rest of your ingredients.


Other ingredients needed:

– 2 oranges

– 4 pounds of honey

– 2 gallons of boiling water

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– 1 packet of wine yeast

– 1 whole lemon


1. Place your dandelions in a nonporous, non reactive container, then pour it into boiling water and cover it with a lid. Allow this mixture to sit for 1 to 3 days.


2. Strain this liquid with a strainer or a cloth. Be sure to squeeze the excess liquid off with all of your force.

3. After straining boil the mixture in a stainless steel pot. Then remove from the heat and mix in the sugar, make sure you stir during this process.

4. Let it cool until it is lukewarm and then pour some of the mixture into a glass and mix in the yeast. Let this sit for 10 minutes until the yeast has dissolved and begins to work its magic.

5. Pour the mixture into a crock-pot with the rest of the infusion. Then cover this mixture with several layers of plastic wrap, fitted with a tight lid or elastic bands. Let this sit for 1 month or more. Once the mixture stops its vigorous bubbling and the yeast sits at the bottom it is ready for the next step.

6. Siphon the wine into sterilized jugs or jars. Cork the jugs loosely, or you can cover them with plastic wrap, and make sure you keep them in a dark place. This allows for the gasses to escape the jars, if you don’t do this there is a possibility that the jars will explode. So be careful!


7. If you find that a cork has popped off you can mark that specific batch as ready for use. Typically you should use the premature batches for cooking use.

8. After letting the jugs or jars sit for a few months go and tap the sides of them to se if bubbles rise. If the bubbles do rise you must let the jars or jugs sit for a few more weeks. If the bubbles don’t rise than the wine is ready. Pour the wine into sterilized bottles and cap or cork them tightly. Then you must store them in a cool, dark place for another 5 to 9 months before you can serve them safely.

If you follow these directions you will find yourself with the best tasting dandelion herbal wine you have ever tasted, if at all before. The low alcohol content is great for helping to overcome illnesses. For example, dandelion wine can improve anemia and fatigue after an illness.

Not to mention that it can cleanse your liver and that it has healing properties for your heart. So next time you’re going to pick and throw away your dandelions think twice, and consider making a tasty wine out of them.

Check out more about this process at How To Make Herbal Wine.

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