Warning: You will want to buy denture cleaner after reading this.

You scoff now, saying, “Why? I don’t even have dentures!”

Look at it this way. If denture cleaners are meant to sterilize every nook and cranny of an artificial set of chompers,  it can do the same for the hard-to-reach dirt niches in one’s home!

Your skepticism is still apparent. Read on, and we will see who is running to the drugstore after this.

How to Use Denture Cleaner for to Wash Your House

Tomato Stains

Tomato sauce, the foe of clear Tupperware, is about to be conquered. Simply, drop one or two denture tablets into the messy container with warm water. Let sit for an hour and rinse it out. The Tupperware should look good as new!

Fabric Stains

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Baking soda is the main ingredient in denture cleaner which makes it a terrific stain remover. If you have dirty towels or fabrics (maybe from the notorious tomato sauce), toss them into a bucket of hot water with 1-2 tablets. Soak it for one or two hours, and watch the stains magically disappear.

Slow Cookers

Slow cookers have a high price for their extensive cooking that saves you so much time: the brutal scrubbing afterward. This time, forget the sponge and let 1-2 denture cleaner sit with warm water for an hour. A miracle of miracles, the grime comes right off!

Coffee Makers

Dirty coffee makers are not worthy of brewing your cup of joe, so clean yours regularly by dropping two tablets into the tank and letting it run normally. Repeat this for two more cycles with just water for a flawlessly clean system.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

The last thing anybody wants to do is standing over a grimy toilet, scrubbing the interior. Try it this way. Throw 2-3 tablets into the bowl and let them do the work for you for an hour. Then use a toilet scrub to brush the insides. The stains will be gone without your grueling effort.

Yellow Nails

Your nails can look natural and beautiful without an expensive manicure. Put your feet up and relax as you add one denture cleaner to warm water and soak your nails for 3o minutes. Rinse your hands, and admire your glossy nails.

Shower Heads

Grime and water stains easily gather on your shower head. For an easy clean, place 1-2 denture tablets into a Ziploc bag, tie it over your shower, fill it up with warm water from the spout, and wait an hour. The calcium buildup will be gone without any effort.

Smelly Shoes

Runners and gym attendees all relate to this post-workout shoe smell. It’s not pleasant. To purify your sneakers, put them in a bowl of warm water with 3 denture cleaners for half and hour. They will be fresh and clean for your next run.

Narrow Bottles

It has always been a mystery. How can one clean a bottle or cup where a hand can’t fit inside? The easy solution is, big surprise, denture tablets! Fill the bottles with warm water and add one tablet. Let sit for an hour, and shake the bottle a bit during that time. Pour it out and rinse with regular water. The bottle is clean! Mystery solved.


Jewelry is timeless, and we wear the same assortment for years. Unfortunately, it shows. Never fear, soak your accessories to a bowl of warm water with a denture tab and soak for half and hour. Your jewelry will regain its luster. Do this before your next big night out.

Camelbak Cleaning

If we thought narrow water bottles were bad, here comes a filthy Camelbak or a similar hydrating pack! The denture cleaner again comes to the rescue. Add 1 or 2 tablets in the pouch and let it soak for an hour. You will drink the purest of water on your next hike.

Did You Buy It Yet?

You probably have one of these items that need to be cleaned right now, the one you have been pushing off for a while.

Well, they are not going to clean themselves. Unless you have the denture tablets.


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