Posted on: June 30, 2017 at 3:16 pm
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If you’ve ever watched a forensic or cop show in your life you’ll know that each person has a unique set of fingerprints. But there’s actually a small group of specialists who study possible hidden links between your fingerprints and other characteristics; it’s called dermatoglyphics. According to their line of thinking, the pattern found in your fingerprints might also give you clues to your personality type. If you’re curious about what your fingerprints say about you, then read on. 

Dermatoglyphics: The Study of Fingerprints and What it Means for Us

“Skin stripes” were first documented in 1823 by Czech doctor Pa Jinjie, who documented that the palm is covered in “wrinkles” which make up specific lines[1]. Since then, the understanding of fingerprints has expanded, and is now used by the FBI to identify criminals, by doctors to recognize possible mental illness of a fetus, and by individuals who wish to know more about their own personality.

It may seem crazy that so much of your personality can be distinguished by tiny lines on your hand, but studies show that the accuracy of dermatoglyphics analysis can be up to 85%, according to[1]!

Find Out What Your Fingerprints Say About You

So, here’s how it works. Currently, fingerprints are categorized into 3 main types that all people fall into: whorls-shaped, arch-shaped, and loop-shaped. Within that are 11 basic types which go into further detail about your personality. Interestingly, fingerprints may differ on each hand, and the patterns on each finger may be analyzed differently[1].


Take a look below and see if any of these ring true for you:


If your fingerprints are in the shape of whorls you are from the personality group ‘phlegmatic’. People with this pattern are known to be short-tempered. This makes you open-hearted and you are not the type to hold grudges. You wear your heart on your sleeve, and you’re not one to speak ill of someone behind their back. You have the ability to grasp things quite easily, even when they seem to become complicated.

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As someone with an arch-shape on your fingers, you belong to the larger personality group ‘choleric’. People with this pattern are quite confident and energetic. You can sometimes be stubborn, and you stick to your point zealously unless given proven evidence otherwise. Your extraordinary loyalty is what makes you so unique. You’d rather suffer than betray those who trust you.



If your fingerprints are in the shape of loops, you have a personality type called ‘sanguine’. That means that you are the kind of person who is usually calm and balanced. You are warm and welcoming, which helps you to make friends easily. People are attracted to your because of your accessibility and friendliness. You enjoy engaging in tasks that challenge your thoughts, and are often disheartened in work if you feel that your brain isn’t being used to it’s full ability.

Each of your fingers will have a different fingerprint shape, and some believe that the individual print on each finger represents different abilities:

Thumb – action and execution

Index – logic and creativity


Middle – limb motor mobility and art appreciation

Ring – power of voice recognition

Little Finger – discerning

How to Check Your Fingerprints

If you want to check your fingerprints to see which pattern you possess, press your finger to an ink pad and then place your finger onto a blank piece of paper. This will make it easier for you to see your unique fingerprint and you can match up your fingerprint to the 3 categories mentioned above.

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