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Body scrubs make great gifts. For mothers, sisters, grandmothers, best friends, friends, distant cousins you’re expected to buy gifts for (despite the fact you haven’t met them in five years), and teachers, an especially dedicated nurse… you get the idea. They’re perfect gifts for everyone, including the dogs.


So we’ve collected thirty different recipes that can be broken down into different categories. Salt Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, Moisturizing Scrubs and Bath Salts.

Before I willynilly start handing out recipes there are a few things to know about the different kinds of scrubs.


Sugar scrubs should NOT be used on your face. If you scrub too hard or have uneven skin (or acne) sugar scrubs, because the sugar doesn’t dissolve, can cause some serious scarring. Since we’re trying to keep your skin nice, this is crucial information. Sugar scrubs are best for your heels, elbows, and your body (if you don’t scrub too hard)

Salt scrubs are better for your face and neck because the salt will dissolve. You still don’t want to “scrub” delicate areas with these, but gentle circles should be fine. These are probably best if you scar easily.

Some of these scrubs are moisturizing. Moisturizing scrubs are probably my favourite kind of scrub. However, they make the bottom of the tub dangerously slippery, so I’d consider cleaning out the tub after you use them.

Bath salts… I’m not going to lie, these are just fancy Epsom salts you can make at home. But there are a few things you should know about Epsom salts not everyone talks about. People taking antibiotic medications–for example, demeclocycline, ciprofloxacin or nitrofurantoin–shouldn’t take Epsom salts until cleared by a physician. The same is true for patients taking digoxin or digitalis, a cardiac medication. Finally, pregnant women should consult their obstetrician if they’re considering taking Epsom salts. Although no evidence exists as to birth defects, it’s a good health practice to check with a doctor first.


Without further ado,


Salt Scrubs

Lime Salt Scrub – has some basic moisturizing benefits too!
Vanilla and Pumpkin Scrub – This is a great holiday gift or stocking stuffer!
Geranium Pink Body Scrub – Geranium is useful for elevating mood and promoting stability.
Lemon Body Scrub – Bright, refreshing, and invigorating.
Salted Cream Scrub – This also comes with a bonus matcha face mask at the top of the page!Citrus Scrub – This one is excellent. I like grapefruit essential oil with sweet orange. A great morning experience!
Almond and Floral Scrub – Almond and geranium and lavender means an excellent scrub for before bed.
Rose Body Scrub – Wonderfully feminine. Very 1930s luxury.
Citrus Green Tea Body Scrub – Great for firming skin and arousing the senses.
Coffee Scrub – Oh, possibly my favorite on this list. Great for cellulite, scent, and scrubbing. Super moisturizing!
Honeyed Grapefruit and Rosemary – Another super moisturizing scrub with an incredible smell. But then, I love grapefruit.
Ginger-Lemon Detox Scrub– A sidenote: ginger lemon makes a beautiful tea. Make a cup while you take this bath!

Sugar Scrubs
Frankincense Scrub – To uplift and soothe, encourage and relax
Vanilla Coconut Scrub – Holy wonderful, super moisturizing Batman!
Energizing Orange Scrub – Made with organic cane sugar!
Apricot Scrub– Very summer-y, a wonderful revival in the middle of winter and a reminder that summer is coming.
Root Beer Vanilla Scrub – For the man in your life determined not to use “girly products”. He’ll never stop using this one.
Eucalyptus Scrub – Great for reviving your nose, starting your day, and awesome to scrub on your chest to clear congestion.
Sweet Oatmeal Scrub – A new use for a great ingredient. Oatmeal is a wonderful gentle exfoliant with moisturizing properties
Sweet Grape Scrub – Indulge your inner child – the one that loves LipSmackers with this scrub.
Creamsicle Scrub – Another way to get your man to do a bit of pampering. Yes – it really does smell like a creamsicle.
Pomegranate Scrub – A beautifully colored gift for the holidays.
**Whipped Grapefruit Mint Scrub** – My favorite of the ‘sugar scrub’ list.
Sugar Cookie Scrub – Nomnomnom. I want to EAT this scrub. Wonderfully delicious, great holiday gift.
Vanilla Latte Scrub – Finally take a bath in that Starbucks latte.
Chocolate Scrub – Do you love chocolate? Ever feel like bathing in chocolate fondue? Here is your answer.
Mint Scrub – Like rolling around in a candy cane. Delicious.
Sparkling Floral Scrub – Any flower combos you love together? This is the recipe.
Raspberry Lime Sugar Scrub – Summer cocktail. Since we’re taking a bath in things, why not a daiquiri?
Cherry Blossom Scrub – Smells of early summer, be it the dead of winter or the beginning of autumn.
Honey Brown Scrub – A variant of the very first scrub I ever made. If you put it in tiny containers, makes a wonderful lip scrub!

Bath Salts

Peppermint Tea Bath Salts – lovely on tired muscles. Good for the sniffles too.

Just a note: all of the ingredients in these can be swapped. Want a salt scrub? Swap it with sugar. Or sugar for salt. Whatever. It’s up to you.


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