Have you ever longed for a swimming pool in the backyard, but just didn’t have the money to make it happen? It’s expensive to hire professional contractors to install an artificial pool in the backyard. Then once you do, the amount of chemicals that must be dumped in artificial pools to keep them clean can be enough to turn even the most dedicated of swimmers off of the idea.

To everyone who harbors dreams of a natural body of water that’s safe to swim in, and relatively inexpensive to make, you need to meet Mr. David Pagan Butler, known from his YouTube channel under the username PermacultureMedia. Butler had a big yard and a little knowledge of DIY handiwork, and he decided to build an incredible backyard swimming pool that his family always wanted.

How He Made His Very Own Natural Swimming Pool

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This incredible DIY pool took a bit of impressive engineering, but the result is a backyard feature that blends seamlessly into the environment. Butler’s swimming pool has a closer resemblance to a pond then a conventional suburban pool, but it has a built-in deep end for diving and a shallow era for wading. Even better? It’s completely chemical free.

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on harmful chemicals to maintain a pool’s cleanliness, Butler let aquatic plants and small animals flourish, and made them do the work for him. His pool is constructed to have low-lying shallows around the edges that are filled with underwater plants that were kept contained in pots, and work to remove excess nutrients from the water that would otherwise allow algae to flourish.

Bulter began by digging a deep pit in his yard to create a area that could be safe for diving and swimming. The walls of the pit were reinforced with wood beams and sandbags to keep the area from eroding, and covered entirely on the bottom with tarp and rocks to keep the water contained to the swimming pool. No matter how much you love your natural pool, your neighbours certainly won’t be so appreciative if water from it compromises their own yards!

After the deep pit was constructed, the brunt of the work was over. A shallow area was established around the perimeter of the pit which kept the waters at a warm, tolerable temperature, and allowed Butler’s kids to wade in an out of the swimming area. The water is kept in motion by small pool filter that Butler made himself, which is both silent, and animal friendly. “An adult frog can pass through without so much as a bruise”, he explains, proudly.

Having shallow areas filled with lily pads and tadpoles is an amazing way to teach kids about how natural environments work, and how nature has a water filtration system that beats anything humans try to recreate by pumping chemicals into a pool.

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