Posted on: March 4, 2016 at 4:42 pm
Last updated: September 22, 2017 at 1:50 pm

Turmeric is one of the most beneficial spices when it comes to overall health. It has been proven to contain a wide-range of physical benefits, including being able to protect cardiovascular health, prevent diabetes, reduce inflammation and treat asthma.

Turmeric has also has been used as a traditional medicine in South Asia for many years. A part of the plant called the rhizome was most commonly used. It was prepared in a variety of ways and was commonly used to treat asthma and coughs. Hot water extracts were taken orally to reduce inflammation.Turmeric was also used to treat conditions such as liver obstruction, jaundice and ulcers.

Although it is well known that turmeric can aid the body physically, did you know that it could aid you mentally as well? Lots of research has been conducted on the effect of turmeric and the brain, and many studies have come to the conclusion that it can assist in treat a variety of disorders that are related to brain and nerve health.

This is incredibly important information. Everybody knows that the body deteriorates as it grows older, and this includes the brain as well. Many people begin taking preventative measures during middle age to ensure that they retain their physical health, such as exercising and eating healthy, but not as many people take the same measures to preserve their brain health. Preserving brain health can help ward off mental disorders that you can face now and are likely to face later on in life, and one of the ways you can do this is by adding turmeric to your diet.

Here are three disorders related to brain health that turmeric has been proven to help treat.

Turmeric for Alzheimer’s


Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenrative disease and it is characterized by cognitive deterioration and behavioral changes. Some of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s include memory loss, challenges in planning and solving problems, difficulty completing familiar tasks, confusion with time and location, speaking problems, poor judgement and more.

Thankfully, the magical turmeric compound known as curcumin proves to be very versatile in the health disorders that it is able to treat. According to a study conducted by the Indian Academy of Neurology, curcumin seemed to be a promising treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.


Alzheimer’s is believed to degrade the nervous system through inflammation, oxidative damage and, most notably, the formation of plaque. The study found that curcumin helps the body clear this plaque build up that is caused by Alzheimer’s disease.

However, curcumin alone may not be the only reason turmeric can be useful for treating Alzheimer’s.  A study found that a compound in turmeric called aromatic-turmerone can increase the amount of neural stem cells of the person it is consumed by, which makes it useful for treating neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Turmeric for Major Depression


Turmeric is also an underrated natural and effective anti-depressant.

The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, has been found to be the reason that turmeric can help treat major depression. Major depression is characterized by a depressed or irritable mood, insomnia, fatigue or loss of energy/motivation, rapid weight loss/gain, feelings of worthlessness and suicidal tendencies. Although depression is a mental disorder it can also have seriously harmful physical effects on the person suffering from it. Over %50 of people who die from suicide were diagnosed with major depression.

Although no claims have been made that turmeric or curcumin can actually cure depression, according to a study conducted by the Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, curcumin was effective in reducing depressive symptoms caused by chronic stress. They found that this was due to the fact that curcumin naturally restored levels of serotonin and dopamine.

Turmeric for Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that causes unpredictable seizures that can lead to a wide variety of other health problems. Although symptoms of seizures can affect any part of the human body, the electrical events that cause these symptoms occur in the brain. The location of the electrical event, how it spreads, how much of the brain is effected and how long it last all have effects on the individual suffering from epilepsy.

Epilepsy can cause physical damage due to the nature of the unpredictable movements that are caused by seizures. Epilepsy as well as the chronic use of anti-epileptic drugs can also predispose someone to cognitive impairment.

Researchers found that giving a subject 300 milligrams of curcumin per kilogram of their body weight showed significant anti-seizure affects. They found that subjects who were given curcumin had significantly reduce myoclonic jerks (involuntary movements caused by seizures) and also reduces that oxidative stress and cognitive impairments caused by seizures.

Quality of Life

Turmeric doesn’t only benefit mental healthy by helping to treat diseases caused by the brain. It also benefits mental health by improving your quality of life.

Turmeric does this by providing you with a multitude of different benefits, ranging from physical health, to mental health, to just adding a great taste to your meal. There are many ways that turmeric can benefit you mentally.

How much turmeric to take daily

There is a lot of confusion surrounding how much turmeric a person should take on a daily basis to optimally benefit from all of this root’s healing properties. Most of this stems from the variety of different ways it can be taken. The University of Maryland Medical Center, recommends these dosages.

The following doses are recommended for adults:

  • Cut root: 1.5 to 3 g per day
  • Dried, powdered root: 1 to 3 g per day
  • Standardized powder (curcumin): 400 to 600 mg, 3 times per day
  • Fluid extract (1:1) 30 to 90 drops a day
  • Tincture (1:2): 15 to 30 drops, 4 times per day

For many of these studies the many benefits of turmeric were shown to come into effect after subjects took it for only 1-2 weeks, so taking it everyday for at least a month is sure to help treat many ailments.



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