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Everybody experiences aches and pain throughout their life. There are some people who just ignore it and power through their day, and there are some people who run to the doctor when they feel there is the slightest thing wrong with them. This article is for the people who do neither, and instead want to learn more about their body and natural ways to relieve pain.

Reflexology and Pain

Reflexology is a therapeutic method used to relive pain which focuses on stimulating certain pressure points found throughout the body.

Professional reflexologists work from a map of pressure points that can be found on the hand, feet and ear (we are going to be focusing on the ear). These pressure points are connected to the nervous system and stimulating them is said to have a direct effect on the organs, glands, muscles and other components that make up our body.

This process of applying pressure to stimulate these points is said to improve blood flow and is claimed to not only treat symptoms caused by pain but also fix the source of pain as well. Many have testified to the healing effects of reflexology for treating illness caused by pain, injury or stress.

Ear Reflexology


Although many people are familiar with reflexology dealing with the feet and hands, not as many people know that similar pressure points can be found in the ear as well. Stimulating these points has been known to relieve pain throughout the body.

You can take a look at this reflexology ear-map to see the points you need to stimulate in order to relieve pain from the corresponding body parts.


Lower Body

If you are experiencing pain in the bottom half on your body, such as hip pain, knee pain or pain in the feet and ankles, you are going to want to apply pressure to the top-front portion of your ear. On the reflexology chart above, these points are indicated by the dark orange circles.


For treating pain in the outer limbs of your body, such as your arm, elbow, wrist, hand and fingers, you are going to want to apply pressure to the outer portion of your ear that is above the earlobe. On the reflexology chart, these are indicated by the light blue circles.


For any pain that you may be experiencing in your torso, such as chest pain or stomach pain, you are going to want to apply pressure to the inner-midsection of your ear. On the reflexology chart, these are indicated by the white circles.

Head and Shoulders


For any pain you may be experiencing in the upper-portion of your body, such as the head, eyes, neck and shoulders, apply pressure to the points on your earlobe. On the reflexology chart, these are indicated by the light green circles.

Clothespin Reflexology

To apply pressure in order to stimulate these points, many people tend to rub or massage them. Although this method works fine and is the most commonly employed one, sometimes it can take a long time before you feel the benefits of reflexology during this stimulation.

This is why you should just place a clothespin over the point on your ear that you want to apply pressure to. A clothespin is the perfect size for ear reflexology and exerts the right amount of pressure to stimulate your pressure points.

Most reflexologists suggest holding your pressure points for 30 second intervals for pain relief. However, everyone’s body is different some people require a lot more than just 30 seconds of pressure.


One of the benefits of using a clothespin is that you can leave it in for as long as you want, and you can switch between massaging and putting the clothespin on your pressure points for optimal results. To learn more about reflexology and how you can use it to benefit your life, click here.



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