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When it comes to why so many people are overweight, studies show that food addiction — particularly addiction to sugar — is often the root cause.Food addiction creates a vicious cycle of cravings, often for sugary foods that spike your blood sugar. As your brain’s pleasure center lights up, you simply crave more of that substance that gives you a “high.”

You become powerless against the brain’s hardwired response to seek out pleasure.So rather than lack of willpower, specific biological mechanisms drive addictive behavior and hold you hostage.Nobody chooses to be a drug addict or alcoholic. Nobody chooses to have a food addiction, either.

How Food Addiction Happens


There are many signs that suggest you might struggle with a food addiction. Maybe you eat when we’re not hungry, or when you’re agitated, anxious, or stressed out. Or maybe you find you need a certain food to experience pleasure or reduce negative emotions.But as I said before, food addiction is not your fault.

You see, food companies have designed sugary, processed food products with highly addictive properties. They are literally and figuratively feeding your addiction.


If you grew up attending a school that had only deep-fried food, was stocked with vending machines of processed foods, or was ringed by convenience stores where you could grab a 64-ounce Big Gulp on your way home every day, it’s no surprise that your habits and taste buds got wired that way.

Certainly, personal responsibility does play a role. But will power just isn’t enough when your brain’s reward mechanisms kick in, thanks to the toxic influences of sugar and processed foods.

7 Ways to Curb Cravings and Crush Food Addiction

You don’t have to succumb to food addiction. With these seven strategies, you can take control and regain your health and taste buds while reversing your risk of diabesity:

  1. Balance Blood Sugar.

    Blood sugar swings drive cravings, so make sure to keep your blood sugar steady.

Click here to read 6 more ways. 

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