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If you have read the The Real Reasons You’re Tired – you can consider this Part 2. Actually, consider this the really real reasons you’re always tired.

Because if there is something I feel certain about from a life-long obsession with mind and body nutrition (and few things fall into that category), 90% of the work we need to do is dealing with the mind. That is as true for energy levels as for any other area of your health.


Sure, there are dietary and lifestyle modifications we can make to improve things – but those are really about tweaking that final 10%.

So why is your energy disappearing into a black hole?

Because of your emotional blockages and other unchecked psychological behaviors.

Yes, really.


9 Easy Ways To Increase Your Energy Now


Stop Over-Analyzing (Cultivate Presence)

From the moment you get up to the second your head hits the pillow (and sometimes long after that), your brain will battle to extract you from the present moment.

It will go into the past (replaying conversations and events) or future (over-planning, unnecessary forecasting) – anywhere more ‘interesting’ than the here and now. This over-analyzing keeps your brain on high beta mode, creating incoherence in your body. It will hugely drain your energy.

What can be done?

Whenever you find yourself obsessing about the past or future, practice gently bringing your awareness back into the present moment. Give each task and conversation you have your full attention.

Yes, it takes discipline. And yes, most things that are worth having, do.

After a while of spending more time being present, you should find that a lot of your energy returns to you.

Re-Frame Aspects of Your Life You Are in Resistance About

What are you saying ‘no’ to in your life, in your head? Your job? A relationship?

Unless you work consciously to drop feelings of resistance, they will siphon off energy.

As well as catching yourself indulging in negative internal rants, be militant about avoiding negative talk with your colleagues and friends. Be aware that this happens naturally whenever you are in a two (because we suck sometimes, we bond over shared irritations and frustrations).

Work at changing aspects of your life without making your current situation wrong.

Identify Limiting Beliefs and Flip the Script

Believing that ‘we can’t’ is physical depression and a massive energy zapper.

Make a list of all limiting beliefs you have in the different areas of life. If you are struggling to identify them, look to where you are not getting the results that you want. That is your clue.

Here are some examples of limiting beliefs you might have around relationships:

  • I believe I can’t have a relationship and enjoy the same levels of freedom as when I am single.
  • I believe that I can’t find a person I am attracted to as much as mentally compatible with.
  • I think that relationships always end in pain so I won’t let myself get too close.

Here is how you would re-frame those:

  • I can create freedom inside of a committed relationship.
  • There are thousands of potential mates that I will be both attracted to and compatible with.
  • The length of a relationship depends exactly on my ability to love openly without attachment to outcome, and to grow.

Creatively Visualize Possibility

How energized do you feel when you are excited about something? Notice how your fatigue/tiredness instantly disappears?

When we can teach our bodies to emotionally embrace desired events and circumstances now, we elevate our energy levels easily. By the way, this is an extremely fruitful game to play with yourself.

Perform creative visualization after your meditation or when your brain is on ‘alpha’ (slow waves) – first thing in the morning or last thing at night before you go to sleep.

Forgive, Forgive, Forgive

If you think you haven’t got anything or anyone to forgive – you’re probably wrong, and you probably have.

Resentment keeps us trapped and sucks our energy.

Anger is your clue. If you are quick to anger about something or with someone, then there is forgiveness work to do.

Try writing the person, or yourself, a forgiveness letter. For other exercises and further reading, try David Hawkins’ insightful book, Letting Go and Iylana Vanzant’s Forgiveness.

Practice Yoga…

I’m not going to lie: when I first started practicing yoga, it came purely from a desire for a hot yoga body. Now I do it as an access to a preferred mental state. Getting old, I guess.

Doing yoga will energize you in a way that other forms of exercise can’t. That’s because of the focus on stretching and manipulation of muscles, and releasing stored emotions.

All yoga will have the effect of releasing stored energy and calming the mind, but they have slightly different emphasis’s. Restorative types of yoga act to release physical and emotional knots, allowing the autonomic nervous system to take over. The more active forms of yoga are more conducive to encouraging the flow of ‘prana’ (life force).

When it comes to raising your energy, any will do.

…Oh and Meditate, Too

Meditation brings your attention to yourself as pure awareness.

The reason that this is so energizing as it takes you out of mind and body for a short time. When you do that, you are escaping the things that drain your energy.

Meditate for at least 5 minutes each day – longer if you can.

Also, meditate your daily activities – don’t ‘think’ them. I like the way Dan Millman explains it in his amazing book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior:

“Meditating an action is different from doing it. To do, there is a doer, a self conscious ‘someone’ performing. But when you meditate an action, you’ve already released attachment to outcomes. There’s no ‘you’ left to do it. in forgetting yourself, you become what you do, so your action is free, spontaneous, without ambition, inhibition or fear.”

Watch Where You Are Outpouring Energy and Track That Like an Accountant Tracks Finances

Keep ruthless regard for where your most valuable commodity – your attention – is going.

Personally the largest source of energy drain for me are those situations where I am required to engage with people on a level that isn’t meaningful for me. As I am quite introverted, this drains me a lot.

Other environmental ‘energy leaks’ are too much online use. Streamline your life to avoid creating energy vacuums.

Open Up Your Energy Sources (There is Food Everywhere)

You can learn to let yourself receive energy and love from your environment.

It isn’t just food giving us energy – you’ll know this whenever you experience the high of an awesome afternoon of laughing with friends.

You open up energy sources by living in a state of non-judgment, humility and gratitude.

I travel a lot and when I am away from parental love, I find figures that crop up in my life that mimic the parental love. When I am missing my nieces and nephews, I allow myself to feel joy and pleasure in other children.

In fact (don’t laugh but) I allow myself to receive love from strangers and new friends all the time. Seriously, that keeps my love and energy bank full.


Dumping your emotional baggage – feelings of being stuck, resentment, anger and unworthiness – will make your energy levels pretty much bottomless. I know it has had that effect on mine. And as long as I am not frittering energy on meaningless activities, then that’s protected.

Consider that on a level, you might be keeping yourself tired deliberately to avoid stepping into your greatness – your full potential. It is without doubt a responsibility to participate fully in your life and your experience – and one that just seems way too scary at times.

But the truth is, it’s scarier not to try.

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