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“It’s easy – just move more and eat less!” say the lucky few who have never struggled with their weight. For the rest of us, it’s more complicated than that. Early nutritionist Adelle Davis hit the nail on the head when she said: “To say that obesity is caused by merely consuming too many calories is like saying that the only cause of the American Revolution was the Boston Tea Party.”

A New Way to Weight Loss


As a practitioner in the field of Energy Medicine, I’ve explored the topic of weight from an entirely different perspective, focusing on where unwanted weight comes from, and why it’s so hard to shed unwanted pounds.

Although, undeniably, diet and exercise play a big part in how we manage weight, the why of the matter is a different story. Energetically speaking, I like to say that the first step in overcoming your battle with excess weight is to be open to the possibility that it’s “an inside job,” with repressed emotions at the heart of it.

As far as energy medicine is concerned, by far the most important factor concerning weight loss has to do with difficult emotions. These could be the result of childhood trauma, divorce, illness, job loss, or the death of loved one. Repressed emotions can affect the body in various ways. In the world of Energy Healing what we don’t process can hurt you, and those emotions end up stored somewhere in your body:

  • If you need to grieve a loss but fail to do so, it often results in ongoing problems with the lungs
  • Anger or bitterness that you refuse to acknowledge and let go often develops into problems in the mid-section of the body, in areas like the liver and gall bladder
  • A broken heart that is never mended can result in cardiovascular problems
  • Abuse (sexual, physical, or emotional) often shows up as extra weight – the individual unconsciously gains weight as hoped for protection from further assault

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After a lifetime of working with people in workshops and online courses, I know that unprocessed emotions are one of the leading causes of weight gain. Anything that you reject, or push away develops a life of its own, literally a separate consciousness. Any time you shove down your emotional wounds and block the flow of energy to that area, you can wind up gaining more weight.

So what’s the secret to unblocking the emotions and letting go of the habits that cause you to retain and gain weight? You can start by getting in touch with your feelings.


Use this 3-step technique to allow you to get in touch with those old, stuffed down feelings so you can start the process of healing them:

  1. Relax – When you are in a state of relaxation for ten minutes or more, you have a chance to get in touch with feelings that you have pushed down in your body. Meditation is a great way to tune in to how you really feel.
  2. Face the Old Traumas – You may have memories that you are afraid will surface while you are in the process of getting in touch with your deeper wounds, but don’t worry. Any memories that arise will be much easier to handle now. Know that it isn’t necessary to remember an event in order to heal from it. Emotions connected to memories may arise, but they will seem distant, separate from the present-day you. You are completely safe now to explore the old traumas that are keeping weight on and preventing you from living in your healthiest body.
  3. Journal About the Emotions That Surface – What emotions come to the surface as a result of facing old traumas? Give them a name: jealousy, anger, guilt, disappointment, regret, then focus on letting them pass harmlessly through you without attaching. Picture them floating up and away, like clouds in the sky.

Now that you’ve taken time to clear out the old emotions that have blocked you, perhaps for decades, keep the energy flowing on a daily basis by acknowledging new emotions as you experience them.

Continue you healing journey by using these two simple steps to stay balanced and in touch with your current emotions:

  • Meditation – taking time each day to quiet your mind allows you to regularly process events and emotions. This keeps your mind and body clear and balanced, and permits emotions to flow through you instead of getting stuck in your body.
  • Journaling – write down what you’re feeling, and what feelings trigger negative behaviors. I also recommend that you use journaling as an opportunity to reinforce your goals and intentions.

These simple steps of “emotional hygiene” will keep you happy and help you keep your weight where you want it. When you learn how to free trapped energy, you experience a complete shift in what is possible for you.

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