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Ancient medicine has used plants for centuries to improve the dwelling atmospheres of the people. Today, depression is rampant and seeping into our homes. Staring at screens all day clouds our minds and dampens our moods. It’s time to step back and let nature restore the serenity and contentment in our lives.  Energy healers believe that all living things have unique energy signatures and these vibrations can be used to help or harm us.


Here’s your guide to finding the right plant for your home to help attract positive energy!

10 Plants To Improve Positive Energy

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  1. Cactus

    Cacti are beautiful plants that don’t require much maintenance, yet do so much for you in return. They eliminate negative feelings such as hypocrisy and envy. According to energy therapy, if you are anxious, cacti can have the energies to ward off intruders and evildoers. If you are surrounded by technology, they absorb the harmful electromagnetic energy the appliances produce.

  2. Spearmint

    Spearmint has many health benefits, makes delicious tea, and smells divine. Aside from those, some energy healers believe it may defend you from witchcraft and jealousy. It can heal your body, and some have experienced increased prosperity.

  3. Bamboo

    It serves as an interior decorating statement, as well as bringing positive energy into the home. It symbolizes life, transparency, and purity with its combination of growth and water. A bamboo imports calmness and contentment and drives away envy.

  4. Jasmine

    This is also known as ‘the couple’s plant.’ Jasmine attracts the positive energy to improve relationships and mend past friction. Ancient medicine recommends it to be kept in the bedroom or any other place where couples spend time together. It is the plant for romance.

  5. Rosemary

    Rosemary has been used in various cultures as natural medicine. One Italian folktale depicts a young girl in the forest who finds her true love when she picks a sprig of rosemary. Just like in the story, this plant is believed to attract sincere love and happiness. Place a few sprigs in cloth bags and keep them around your house to inspire loyalty around you.

  6. Peppermint

    Peppermint is a known ancient medicine, but having it potted in your home fights bad vibes and promotes positivity. Its refreshing energy is thought to help insomnia, negative energy, and communication. Therefore mint is best kept in the bedroom and wherever the family gathers the most, like the dinner table.

  7. Thyme

    Thyme has been used for centuries to purify the air from negativity. This could be especially helpful for young families since it has properties to soothe nightmares and promote self-esteem. Thyme is believed to have protective vibrations that it casts over the home and family where it resides.

  8. Chrysanthemums

    These beautiful plants naturally bring good moods and sense of well-being. Its happy energy may be beneficial in places where there is tension or unpeace. Chrysanthemums contribute to a life of relaxation.

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  1. Eucalyptus

    If you have malicious or envious people in your life, many ancient healers believe that having a eucalyptus plant can expel any potential harm. It can also increase prosperity and economic welfare, so keep a pot in your office or workplace. It can also obliterate negative and oppressive energies and improves sleep quality.

  2. Aloe Vera

    This was used in many rituals to counter envy and misfortune. Aloe vera is thought to attract good luck and prosperity where every it is placed. There is a widespread belief it absorbs negativity and dies protecting us.

So Which One Will You Pick?

Choose one, or two, or three, or four, or all of them and locate them around your home for an instant feeling of contentment and peace. If you want to know more about the kind of plants you should put in every room of your home, then check out this detailed guide from ProFlowers! Remember to care for your plants. The more you do for them, the more they will bring positivity into your life.


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