Posted on: July 14, 2016 at 3:58 pm
Last updated: September 13, 2017 at 1:50 pm

Although China is known for its delicious, traditional food (not the Americanized versions), its commercial food industry has been under fire recently, and for good reason. From low safety standards, to employee negligence and even contamination scandals, many health conscious individuals are making a point to avoid any food imports coming in from China.

Toxic Fake Foods From China


Aside from just harmful production methods, some food companies in China have even been producing misleading, synthetic or otherwise “fake” foods that have been found to harm people’s safety in one way or another. Here are five fake foods from China that you need to avoid.

Fake Eggs


According to the Xinhua News Agency, an official press agency of China, many citizens reported being sold fake eggs from street vendors. According to one witness report, an individual who bought one of these eggs went home and fried it and found that the egg had almost no flavor and was cooked to a harder texture than an egg is normally able to get to.

According to authorities, an inspection revealed that the fake eggs was made of calcium carbonate, starch, gelatin, a small amount of real egg yolk and other synthetic substances. Other reports have found local Chinese websites instructing people on how to make and sell these fake eggs.

Cement-Stuffed Walnuts

One news report revealed that, in 2012, a man had bought 2.5 kilos of walnuts from a local vendor only to take them home and find that all of them were completely stuffed with bits of cement. The scam is run by the vendors cracking open the walnuts, emptying out their meet, filling them up with cement and then gluing them shut again. By doing this they double their profits by selling cement-filled walnuts along with actual walnut meat themselves.

Plastic Rice

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Various local news outlets in China reported that both vendors and restaurants were selling fake rice being made out of a material that is very similar to plastic. Apparently, the rice was being made by mixing potatoes with a synthetic industrial resin. According to witnesses who ate the rice, it stayed fairly firm even after being cooked extensively, and was hard to digest, causing many stomach problems.

One Chinese Restaurant Association official reportedly claimed that eating three bowls of this rice was equivalent to eating a plastic bag.

Selling Mud as Pepper

One vendor selling “pepper” in China’s Guangdong Province was actually found to be selling little balls of mud after local reporters initiated an investigation in it. The vendor was then confronted by reporters and customers who bought the mud from him, where he reportedly justified his actions by saying that his fake seasoning would not cause deadly harm. Although this particular incident is isolated, it makes you wonder about the quality of food inspection in the local Chinese markets.

Fake Baby Formula


One of the most notorious cases of fake food in China was the selling of fake baby formula which ultimately resulted in the deaths of dozens of babies in Eastern China. According to the state media, approximately 50 to 60 children died of malnutrition after being fed the fake baby formula, which contained only a fraction of the nutrients they were supposed to be getting.

Children also experienced side effects other than malnutrition, with approximately 200 babies experiencing a symptom called “big head disease”, a reaction to the formula which caused their heads to swell up with fluid. Over 47 individuals were arrested due to the incident, and the families of the dead children received reparations.

For more information on harmful food products being made in China, click here.


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