Posted on: April 4, 2018 at 3:29 pm
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We constantly tell ourselves that we will pay more attention to our health in the beginning of each year, but do not follow through on it, with the excuse it just doesn’t work for us. Through life’s journey, one discovery you make is that you have to find your own path and not follow what others do. Matriarch Annie Giddens was able to do just that through the use of cognifit and autophagy eating, also known as intermittent fasting, after finding stagnant results through the usual  regimen of going to the gym and eating healthy.

Annie Gidden’s Background story regarding her health

35-year-old Annie Giddens suffered complications in her health. She weighed 400 pounds, suffered from Type 2 diabetes and intracranial hypertension, the latter for which she required surgery. Her doctors further recommended that she undergo a weight loss regimen in order for her to keep better track of her sugar levels as well as implant a shunt to better fix her intracranial hyperextension condition.


After hearing everything the doctors had to say, Giddens continued with her usual routines and decided not to undergo the surgery. It wasn’t until she watched a Doctor Oz episode that Giddens came to the realization that she needs to take responsibility for her health, not only for herself but for her family, eventually finding success through fasting diets.

A New Beginning: Annie Giddens  weight loss journey through Intermittent Dieting

Annie Giddens finds weight loss success by implementing partial-fasting to her health routine.

Photo courtesy by Everyday Health

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Giddens had begun her weight loss journey by signing up for the weight watchers program and experimenting with other fitness avenues, which included joining a YMCA, hiring a personal trainer, as well as implementing a paleo diet. She ended up losing 120 pounds but decided she needed something more when she stopped seeing progress after some time.

Giddens finally found a match in CrossFit, a program that involves fast-paced high-intensity movements. Activities in the program ranged from weightlifting, rowing, and gymnastics.


She hired a nutrition coach who introduced her to a weight loss regimen called intermittent fasting, which consisted of normal eating and fasting for a specific period of time. Giddens would fast for 17 hours straight while leaving seven hours open between 2 p.m. and 9 p.m to eat what she wants. Though, it is to be noted that intermittent fasting is not usually recommended to those who suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

Photo courtesy by Everyday Health

The results of the diet proved to have a positive effect on Giddens’s health as she was able to get good sleep during the nighttime, not fall sick as often, contain more energy and most importantly, have a more positive outlook on life.


Annie Giddens’s weight loss story showcases that what might work for one or more people may not work for others and if anyone wishes to accomplish similar goals with their health, then they need to find what works for them.

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