Posted on: July 5, 2018 at 11:46 am
Last updated: July 10, 2018 at 2:11 pm

We see you’re back for another personality test! That has to be one of the things we love most about The Hearty Soul readers – the willingness to learn about yourselves and constantly improve. Well, today’s personality test image is sure to expand your mind and knowledge of yourself, so here we go…

When you think of animals, many people have preconceived ideas of what each one represents. Sloths, for example, are often associated with low energy and laziness whereas monkeys are associated with high energy and playfulness.

Of course, personalities are made up of numerous traits which means that no person is just a sloth or just a monkey. However, whatever animal you see first in today’s image might help to affirm your more dominant personality traits or shed light on traits you never knew you had!

Which animal stands out to you the most?

Remember, with these personality tests you can’t look at them too long or you’ll start overanalyzing and only see what you want to see. In reality, what you see at first glance is what your subconscious wants – maybe even needs – you to see. And when your subconscious is working to help uncover new meaning, that’s when you experience true growth!

So, which animal did you see first?

1. Horse


If you saw the horse first, right off the bat that speaks to your ambition and desire to succeed. Success as you see it isn’t just about money but family, friends, and personal development. Horses are large animals but extremely graceful and that shines through in your willingness to work hard at your job, your relationships, and your personal growth.

But having the traits of a horse can put immense tension on who you are because you also want to run wild and free. That’s very challenging to do when you place such importance on success because that kind of freedom demands that you cut ties with certain things and people. The silver lining is that although striking a balance between the two is challenging, it’s not impossible.

2. Dog

If you have a dog, you could probably write this next section with your eyes closed. Dogs are loyal, protective, and brave. (Not to mention extremely adorable and cuddly!) Chances are you are agreeable and most people like you – inside and outside your home. One really unique trait you might share with dogs is that unexplainable “sixth sense” which allows you to show empathy to others who need it most at that precise moment.

Although you are playful and loved, you will not hesitate to fiercely protect your own no matter the cost. Some people perceive that trait as aggressive or mean – and it very well may be if a situation calls for it… But it comes from a pure place.

3. Lion

In Egyptian culture, lions have been given high status thanks to their strength, power, and dominance in the animal kingdom. If you saw the lion first, you likely share those same traits. But strength isn’t only physical! Your beliefs, values, and convictions are strong. And when they are challenged, you have the courage to stand up for them fearlessly.

One major downside of having the characteristics of a lion is that you intimidate some people and cause them to turn shy away from getting to know you. So, you may want to practice showing more of your sensitive side.

4. Snake

If there is one animal that people associate negative traits with, it’s the snake. You will be surprised to know, however, that snakes are intelligent, brave, creative, and slow to anger. Chances are, if you saw the snake first, you are someone who lays low and carefully observes your surroundings before jumping into anything.

The fact that you keep to the outskirts makes some people believe that you’re completely unapproachable. You might seem so detached from others around you that they don’t think you want anything to do with them (which likely isn’t true). For that reason, you may be missing out on enriching relationships.


5. Butterfly

Did you see the butterfly first? That’s a tell-tale sign that you are all about growth and evolution. You know you started off as something smaller but your ability to adapt and change allows you to flourish in life. People are naturally attracted to you, but you don’t let it get to your head. People witness your humility and how you lead by example which fosters their growth, too!

However, much like a butterfly’s wings, people who saw this creature first can be highly sensitive and delicate. This probably happens because so many people see you as a role model and, after a while, the pressure can become too much. During those times, you need to do some self-reflection and focus on you for at least a few days.

6. Eagle

Much like the eagle, you were built to reach new heights and have a sharp eye to help you get there… Naturally, you are a very focused and driven person who doesn’t stray from the path to success. The only thing you’ll consider changing for is family. You pride yourself on being able to provide for those who rely on you, day in and day out.


Sometimes people with traits of an eagle can get caught up in their own passion and success. But, in the process, they overlook or forget the very people who helped them get there in the first place! “Flying high” can be great but not if there’s no one to share it with. Something to think about…

7. Crab

If you saw the crab first, you have a very unique personality. Although you appear hard on the outside, you are soft on the inside. In other words, you’re more sensitive than you look and the people closest to you know that for a fact. You are also loyal and selfless, putting your loved ones before yourself in any situation. Betrayal is out of the question so chances are, the friends you have now will be with you for life.

That said, because you will not tolerate betrayal or dishonesty, some people find it extremely hard to talk with or start building a friendship with you. Since you hold your friends to such high standards, it can easy to make a quick judgement and write people off who would otherwise turn out to be the best of friends.

There you have it…

We hope those seven animals helped teach you something new about yourself today. Maybe you even had a friend or family member come to mind while reading through these personality trait descriptions and now know more about them than you did before! Remember, always keep growing and improving because the moment you stop, life starts to lose meaning.

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