Posted on: December 24, 2019 at 8:24 am

Florida is synonymous with sunshine, beaches, and everlasting summer, the dream of everyone enduring this cold and snowy winter. After all, it’s dubbed the Sunshine State, and is the envy of all who trudge through slush to get to their cars before scraping ice off of their windshield. 


That is not to say that winter is unenjoyable. The snow is beautiful, especially the first snowfall, and it brings a wonderful opportunity to enjoy activities like building snowmen, ice skating, skiing, tubing, sledding, and making snow angels. Between winter festivals and steaming cups of hot cocoa, one might pity Florida for missing out on this snowy fun. 

Until now.


In 2020, Dade City, Florida, will open its first outdoor snow park.

Snow in Florida?

It sounds like something out of a fairy tale, but Florida’s new park — which is called Snowcat Ridge Alpine Snow Park — will have real snow. “We have a proprietary technology to do this, to give guests a winter experience in the above season temperatures in Florida,” says marketing director Jon Pianki.

The park’s developers did extensive research and market surveys before deciding on their sunny location. “We found that a lot of people living in Florida had never seen snow,” says Pianki. 

The park will be huge, with a 60 feet tall and 400 feet long snow tubing hill with the option for a single, double, and six-person tube. Beside it will be a magic carpet lift to carry riders and their tubes to the top of the hill.  [1]


It will also have a Snow Dome, a ten thousand square foot space to play with real snow, cue the snowball fights, snowmen, and snow forts. Inside the Snow Dome will also be a small hill for children to go tubing. Both the snow hill and inside the dome will feature a magical light show every evening.

Some folks think it’s impossible to experience snow tubing and the joy of snow in Florida, but our team is all about making the impossible, possible.” says Mark Bremer, Creative Director of Snowcat Ridge. “The new alpine snow park will be unique in all regards and our team is thrilled to be launching in November 2020.[2]

The park will also include an Alpine Village, a cozy place surrounded by fir trees to warm up from snow adventures with hot cocoa and bonfires.

“Snowcat Ridge will be unlike anything anyone else has seen before in the Sunshine State and we are incredibly excited to unveil our vision for the new alpine snow park today,” says the park’s CEO Benjamin Nagengast.

Florida’s Snow Park Coming Soon

Snowcat is scheduled to open in November 2020, though its price and hours have not been announced yet. As long as the temperature stays below 80 degrees, the park should stay open about 120 days every year. In fact, around 80-degree weather might be the perfect time to explore the park, since no sweatshirts, coats, or sweaters will be needed. Playing in the snow without a bulky jacket is every child’s (and adult’s) dream. [3]

It will be located next to TreeHoppers Aerial Adventure Park, which the company Point Summit also owns.

“The new alpine snow park will be unique in all regards and our team is thrilled to be launching in November 2020,” says Bremer. [4]

Stay updated with future announcements on the Snowcat Ridge website.

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