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One of the first things couples come across when doing pregnancy nutrient research is folic acid, which is known to facilitate conception, improve fetus development, and prevent neural tube defects .


Folic acid, also called vitamin B9 or folate:

Is an incredibly efficient micronutrient to generally boost your health and looks

Lack of folate is one of the most widespread micronutrient deficiencies worldwide


As a nutritionist, I’d like to share with you eight fantastic benefits of adding more folic acid to your life:

Higher energy levels

As one of the eight B-vitamins, folate helps the body convert the food we eat into glucose, which provide us with energy. In combination with vitamin B12, folic acid has been shown to significantly boost energy levels in people suffering from fibromyalgia.

A better mood

Just like folic and vitamin B12 can boost energy levels, this powerful micronutrient combination can contribute to and/or improve recurring mood disorders. Folic acid supplementation elevates serotonin levels in the brain, which might explain its mild antidepressant effect.

A healthier heart

About 50% of all deaths are due to cardiovascular disease and its “side effects”. One risk factor of stroke is elevated body concentrations of homocysteine, which damages the artery and vessel wall. Folate plays a vital role in reducing homocysteine levels and, hence, could protect your heart.

Stronger bones

Too much homocysteine in the body doesn’t only affect your heart health, it also increases your bone fracture risk and impacts bone quality by interfering with collagen formation.

Cancer prevention

A study with almost 25,000 women found that low dietary intake of folate may increase the risk of breast cancer, especially for women who drink alcohol on a regular basis.It’s also been shown to inhibit colon cancer growth, and might play a significant role in preventing other cancers, too.

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