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When you’re trying to diet more often than not you try and cut as many calories and fats out of your diet as possible. But do you realize that some of those fats you cut out of your diet are actually very healthy for you? In fact those fats contribute much more than those foods that you think are good for you but are really processed “healthy” foods.

There is more garbage in processed healthy foods than you think. The best thing you can do is monitor the amount of fat, and what kinds of fat, you are consuming.

What Do These Healthy Fats Do?


Believe it or not healthy fats are necessary macronutrients that are the building blocks for your hormones, brain and nervous tissue. If you ask me all of those things are very important. These fats also help provide energy to your body and help us absorb vitamins that we need. Better yet these fats get our metabolism going.

From what I understand it seems that these fats are doing more good than bad. So why do people think it is bad for them? The answer is simple, people here things on television and on the Internet and they buy into the lame advice companies are offering. The only incentive these companies have is to empty your pockets.

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Although fats contain more calories per gram than proteins or carbs, in reality eating the right fats can help you lose weight. Who would have thought that to be true? But you must always remember that not all fats are the same.

This Fat and That Fat

What you should be really looking out for are trans fats. Those are what you find in French fries or potato, with the exception of coconut oil. You should really be focusing on monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats instead.

If you’re looking for healthy fats you should be eating go out and grab yourself some coconut oil, olive oil, ghee, grapeseed oil and sesame oil. Well that covers all the oils you should be eating a cooking with. Also try and find unrefined oils that are kept in dark glass bottles, with the exception of coconut oil, because the light and heat can damage the oil.

But what about healthy fats you can find in foods? Don’t worry I didn’t forget about them. Go out and buy yourself some unsalted nuts and seeds, but make sure you buy them raw so you savor all the nutrients.


Get Started Today!

Go out and grab yourself some avocados, olives, chia seeds, hemp seeds, salmon, sardines, eggs and yogurt. Traditionally these foods have always been very good for you, but why? It is because they are filled with oleic acid, which helps you absorb vitamins. Make sure you buy organic products that have not been harmed by pesticides.

Next time you’re looking for a way to eat healthy and get in shape refer back to this article and take what you can from it. If you’re looking for more information healthy fats visit Good luck!

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