Posted on: April 29, 2015 at 6:18 pm
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Your food cravings could actually be a result of a lack of nutrients. More often than not people do not pay much attention to cravings, besides satisfying them. But the truth is that your body is picking up signals and is trying to remind you to take care of them.


There are tons of great examples of cravings that really mean something else. Here is a list of 4 popular foods that many crave on a daily basis:

1. Potato Chips

Craving salty potato chips could be a sign that you are dehydrated. When you are craving something salty your body could be sending you signals that you could actually need a tall glass of water, or another hydrating source of liquid. Fish has also been known to satisfy salty cravings. Salt helps hold water in the body, which is directly linked to why you may be craving a nice bag of chips.


2. Cookies

Cravings something like cookies is very hard to say no to, regardless of how detrimental they are your health.  Cookie cravings are a sign that you may need something to boost your energy. Cheese is a great food to eat that will diminish cravings for sweats. Cookies are a common craving for people who feel down and out, or exhausted. Look for other ways to boost your energy and your mood without stuffing your body full of fatty cookies.

3. Ice Cream

Ice cream cravings are very interesting as well. The cold smooth texture causes the release of galanin, which creates a relaxing and carefree environment. So next time you’re feeling like going for some ice cream try and do something that relaxes you, and see if the cravings go away. Or you could gobble down a handful of nuts, which have been known to reduce cravings like this.


4. Chocolate

This could actually be a craving for relaxation. Meaning you could be lacking certain elements that keep your body calm. For example chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which makes you feel relaxed. Or the fact that chocolate contains magnesium, which stabilizes blood sugar levels and help you stay calm. So next time you’re thinking about having some chocolate be aware of the way it makes you feel after you’ve devoured a healthy dose. Once again, try eating nuts to satisfy your craving.

Or you could try eating chocolate 15 to 30 minutes after a meal, which has been linked to decreasing cravings. Or try channeling peace and serenity in other ways like yoga and other relaxing exercises.

Why do we crave these foods?

Doctors and dietitians across the globe seem to believe cravings are caused from either emotional, biochemical or hormonal factors. This could be a result of you blood sugar, which more often than not serves as the foundation for most cravings. Nationalists warn us that severe cravings could lead to very serious nutritional problems.

Are my cravings a sign of weakness?

Your food cravings do not mean that you are weak. They simply mean that there is other forces at play that demand your attention. Often dieting can cause cravings to increase, which we all understand is very tough to manage. Actually managing your cravings can be very good for your weight loss and your overall health.

Keep your cravings in check, but never ignore them. Everything happens for a reason, so take them as signs for change. Good luck!

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