Working out can make you feel greatat least until the post-workout soreness sets in later that day or the next morning. Then working out doesn’t feel very great at all. This muscle pain is one of the big reasons many aspiring gym members end up quitting.

Fortunately, a new study has shown that two simple spices you most likely already have in your kitchen can work wonders for relieving any kind of muscle pain, including the post-workout kind.

Ginger and Cinnamon for Muscle Soreness Relief

woman sore leg
Researchers at Iran’s Isfahan University of Medical Sciences examined the muscle-pain-relieving effects of cinnamon and ginger on a group of 60 fit female competitive Taekwondo players between the ages of 13 and 25.

The participants were divided into three groups, each taking 3 grams (or 3/4 of a teaspoon) of either powdered ginger, cinnamon, or placebo every day for six weeks.

The results of the study showed that the women who took ginger or cinnamon experienced significantly reduced muscle soreness after exercising than the placebo group.

That means that take either ginger OR cinnamon can take a big load off your body when it comes to muscle pain. Combining them may even make your pain even less noticeable!

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The Healing Power of Ginger and Cinnamon

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And the awesome thing is that both of these natural ingredients have a whole range of other health benefits. Plus, they’re very versatile for using around the kitchen, meaning you’ll never have a hard to finding somewhere to work them in. (Tip: A ginger cinnamon tea works great!)

Both of these ingredients are time-honored medicinal plants, with thousands of years of usage behind them. Each one is known for its inflammation-busting abilities, and other healing effects.

Ginger, for example, is one of the world’s top superfoods. Aside from tasting delicious and helping relieve the common cold, ginger also has been shown to kill cancer cells, ease acid reflux and other digestive problems, and improve cognitive function!

In addition, ginger has been proven (as was well known during the seafaring days) to be an effective remedy for seasickness, motion sickness, and most other conditions that cause nausea.

Cinnamon, similarly, is a powerful and delicious spice. Among many things, it has been shown to improve glucose and lipids of people with type 2 diabetes and act as a potent antimicrobial agent.

To learn more about the different types of cinnamon you can buy, watch this video:

How to Use Ginger and Cinnamon for Muscle Pain

If you’re looking for some recipe ideas, try these:

For Ginger, try adding it to teas, stir-fries, salad dressings, or marinades. Even some baked goods taste mighty fine with a touch of ginger! (Don’t forget to make your own at-home ginger ale!)

For Cinnamon, consider incorporating it into your daily smoothie, or sprinkling it atop some yogurt or applesauce. Even dipping a cinnamon stick into your steeping tea or coffee pot may add a pleasant touch of cinnamon.



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