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75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated (2). This can lead to many different issues, a lot of which people deal with on an almost daily basis (headaches, dry skin, tiredness, bad moods), and then people turn to medication to address the problems.

However, the solution to dehydration couldn’t be easier – simply drink more water.

By starting your day with a large glass of water, you are setting yourself up for a healthy, hydrated body for the rest of the day.

Benefits of Drinking Water First Thing in The Morning

When we wake up in the morning, we are almost always dehydrated to some extent. Every night, though our brain may be resting, our body continues to work hard. For 8 hours, our heart beats, our stomach and intestines digest, and our kidneys and liver filter our blood. During the day, we eat food and – importantly – drink water to fuel these processes. At night these same processes go on, but we aren’t fuelling them like we do during the day.

As soon as your alarm goes off and wakes you up, it is of vital importance that you help replace the fluids your body used throughout the night.


6 Reasons To Drink Water 1 Minute After Waking Up

It has long been known that drinking water on an empty stomach has tremendous purification benefits for the body. For thousands of years, water therapy has been used to help treat certain ailments. Water therapy has its roots in ancient Ayurvedic medicine and has benefited millions of people over the years.

Drinking water upon waking is particularly important because it sets you up for the day, and gives your body a replenishing boost before it has to start working on digesting food or anything else the day has in store! Here are our top 6 reasons to make a large glass of water the first thing on your daily agenda.

1. It Kick-starts Your Metabolism

Studies have shown that drinking a large, cool glass of water in the morning, can fire up your metabolism by 24% for an hour and a half (3).

2. You’ll Flush Out Toxins

Your kidneys do an amazing job of filtering out all the toxins that gather in the blood. They take all of the waste chemicals that gather in your blood through normal, everyday bodily functions. However, they can do a much better job if they have enough liquid to work with – imagine taking a bath in a small puddle of water, it’d be much harder to get clean!

3. Eat Less

It’s surprisingly common to confuse thirst for hunger – a simple glass of water can satiate a grumbling belly! If you drink water after waking up, you’ll eat a smaller breakfast because you’ll feel less hungry. Additionally, water fills our stomach with a substance that doesn’t contain any calories, so we feel fuller, but won’t pile on the pounds.

4. Boost Immunity

benefits of drinking water, drinking water every morning

By staying hydrated, you will support and maintain the health of your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system directly affects how your body fights off infection, so staying hydrated will help keep the sniffles at bay. Additionally, studies have linked dehydration to levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) in the body. Higher cortisol means higher stress levels and sickness (4).

5. Keep Skin Looking Good

Our skin is our largest organ. Not only does it help to protect you against excess fluid loss, but it’s also the primary outer indicator of what’s going on inside our body. A healthy, hydrated body, will have smooth, clear, supple skin. If we allow our body to get dehydrated, it has to use the precious fluids elsewhere, so we end up with dry, wrinkled skin, and might break out in spots (1).

6. Maintain Bowel Function


If we don’t drink enough water in our day, our colon has to draw extra water from the poop in our bowels. This, in turn, leads to constipation. If you stay hydrated, you can keep your colon performing optimally, and avoid any uncomfortable constipation (1).

Start the Habit

Once you have got yourself into this healthy habit, you will start to notice subtle differences almost immediately. It’s super easy to do, and the benefits are worth it. Start tomorrow morning, and start feeling great!


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