Posted on: March 19, 2015 at 7:45 pm
Last updated: August 3, 2019 at 1:48 pm

An allergy has never caught on more than that of a gluten intolerance! Gluten-free products are almost a trendy end of the market… Did you know there’s a gluten-free singles dating website? Pretty trendy stuff.


What we’re hearing a lot of lately, is that people feel they are “gluten intolerant”, which could very well be the truth, however this increase in gluten sensitive people took us by surprise and so we looked into a possible underlying cause.

The US Department of Agriculture stated that 99% of durum wheat, 97% of spring wheat and 61% of winter wheat were covered in Roundup products (herbicide) during harvest. This means that nearly every time you ingest food that contains wheat (which is a lot of the time), you are ingesting horrible toxins that have been proven to cause life threatening illness.


It’s easy to understand now why gluten (which is a component of wheat) can be so toxic to so many people! What many people are assuming is a gluten intolerance, is in fact an intolerance to harmful pesticides and Roundup chemicals that our wheat is drenched in!

Roundup Damages

The Roundup chemical, glyphosate, has been shown to promote the growth of breast cancer cells, damage intestines, trigger diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, autism, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. It has also been linked to lung congestion, respiratory irritation, birth defects, and eye and skin health.


Glyphosate is the most commonly used herbicide in the world and due its over use, many plants have become immune to it, and thus the amount of glyphosate used is increased. On top of this, glyphosate is extremely harmful to the environment.

Something we suggest, in order to rule out if you have a gluten intolerance or a poison intolerance is to start eating certified organic wheat. If this wheat goes down well and doesn’t give you problems that bread generally does, then maybe you are allergic to poison!

It’s easy to chalk our allergies up to a gluten intolerance, however if more people identified their poison allergy, maybe we could poke a hole in this huge herbicide epidemic! Once it’s well known that herbicides are harming us, it may be possible to apply the right pressure on corporations to stop using such harmful chemicals!

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