Posted on: July 13, 2016 at 1:52 pm
Last updated: May 30, 2017 at 10:25 am

These Japanese high school students are putting a raw egg in a plastic cup, and the results will blow your mind. No, they aren’t going to demonstrate some newfangled way of cooking an egg. Instead, they are going to attempt to “hatch” a raw egg, one that you can get at any grocery store, by placing it in a plastic cup while suspending it using saran wrap, and putting that cup in an incubator. You can watch it for yourself in the video below!

This unique process was the first of its kind, and proved to be an unique innovation that caught the attention of many international science journals. Since the above video does not have subtitles, here is a summary of what took place, just in case you don’t speak Japanese.


First, the students crack a regular, store-bought egg into a sterile vessel, which they then cover in plastic wrap. They then artificially fertilize the egg and place it into an incubator. A few days pass, and blood vessels and a heartbeat can be seen forming inside of it. The video then shows the physical features of the chick begin developing in the artificial shell, and they eventually show the fully-hatched chick running around the lab floor.

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The most amazing part of this whole process is that you actually get to see the chick throughout the entire “hatching” process, something which has never been possible before.

“Through a clear container, we’ll be able to see everything from the first signs of life to the hatching,” said the student’s teacher, Mr. Tahara.

This is something that scientists have been trying to do for years. Not only would it help us learn more about the development or birds before hatching, but it would also help in the conservation of endangered bird species.


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