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Everybody experiences headaches. Whether it be after a night of drinking, staring at a computer screen for no apparent reason, we have all experienced the unpleasantness that is a headache. But did you know that there are many different types of headaches? Over 150 in fact, and they all require different forms of treatment and identify different health problems with your body.

This is why I am going to be giving you an overview of the four most common types of headaches, what they mean and how you can treat them.

Tension Headaches

What Are They? These are the most common types of headaches, and they are usually referred to as chronic daily headaches. They are usually characterized by an intense pain in the forehead region.

What Do They Mean? Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions and tenseness. They often signify tightness in the head, neck and shoulder muscles.


How Do You Treat Them? There are several ways to treat tension headaches. Massaging the back of the neck and temples is a great way to relax clenched muscles and relieve your headache. Going in a dark, quiet room and putting a hot towel over your forehead can also help with this.

Sinus Headaches

What Are They? Sinus headaches are defined by constant pain and pressure in the cheekbones, bottom of the forehead and nose of the bridge (areas where the sinuses are). The pain usually gets worse with sudden head movement, and they are usually accompanied by other symptoms of sinusitis.

What Do They Mean? Sinus headaches generally indicated that your sinuses are clogged, either due to inflammation or mucus build up that can be caused by respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergic reactions or the common cold.

How Do You Treat Them? Treatment for sinus headaches is pretty much the same as treatment for the underlying cause of your sinus problem. If it is due to sickness than it usually goes away a day or two after you get better. For instant relief, use any common decongestants that your normally would. These can include salt water sprays, or antihistamines if the congestion is due to allergies.


What Are They? A migraine is a chronic condition that provides numerous symptoms, the most notable one being a constant, incredibly painful headache. Other symptoms include sensitivity to light, sounds, smells and feelings of sickness and nausea.

What Do They Mean? There is really no known cause of migraines, aside from a predisposed genetic condition. However, migraines can be triggered by factors such as stress, certain foods, alcohol and hormone changes in women.

How Do You Treat Them? Treatment for migraines mainly consist of pain-relieving medications and other remedies, as there is currently no known cure for the root cause of migraines, since the cause is still relatively unknown.

Cluster Headaches


What Are They? Cluster headaches are the least common and most painful form of headaches. It is usually described as a burning or piercing feeling behind the eyes or near the eye region that can be either throbbing or constant. The pain is often so severe that those who experience it cannot sit still during an attack.

What Do They Mean? The exact cause of cluster headaches is unknown however it is theorized that abnormalities in the hypothalamus portion of the brain is to blame.

How Do You Treat Them? Similar to migraines, there is no cure for a cluster headache. Pain relieving techniques and medications are often employed, and inhaling pure oxygen through an oxygen mask for around 15 minutes has been said to be effective at relieving these headaches.

To learn more about headaches and what you can do to naturally relieve them, click here.



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