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Cats have been a part of humanity’s history dating back as far as ancient Egyptian times since 9000 BC. In fact, in 2004 when a Neolithic grave had been excavated on the island of Cyprus within the Mediterranean Sea, they had found a skeleton of a man as well as an African Wild Cat that had been buried with him. This means that man and feline interaction had been going on even earlier than we had thought.

It’s no wonder that cats have been a part of humans everyday life, they require so little in order to take care of. Just by providing them with a place to stay with some food and water, cats have no other additional needs other than you playing laser pointer with them from time to time. Otherwise, they spend their time grooming themselves, hunting, sleeping, and the occasional “I’m going to knock everything down in the house today.”


The popularity of cats is only growing and getting bigger as the population rises. If you are among the variety of people who is looking to adopt a cat, there are some benefits that come with owning one of these spunky hairballs!

A recent study of cats has found that when they purr, cats give off a vibration frequency that measures from 20-140 Hz. What this means is that this kind of frequency produces astonishing healing properties that humans can benefit from. When a cat purrs, anyone who is in contact with the cat can have reduced stress, prevent heart attacks, breathing problems, and much more.

If you don’t have a cat already, maybe now’s the time to look into adoption options at your nearest animal shelter. Mind you, cats can be pretty unpredictable at times and other times all they want to do is sleep.

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