Posted on: July 22, 2015 at 3:22 pm
Last updated: September 21, 2017 at 4:08 pm

We all know cocaine is made from the coca leaf, yes? No. Wrong. Unacceptable. False. Untrue. Slander and calumny.


Cocaine is actually made from the sap of the coca plant. You need pounds and pounds of the leaves to get the equivalent of a gram of cocaine. The leaves are chockfull of nutrients and cocaine amounts to less than one percent of that. The University of Caldas has research that shows that coca leaves are non addictive, and act only as a mild stimulant similar to coffee.

Alas, due to mass misinformation, it’s illegal in the United States. But if you’re headed to South American sometime soon and can get your hands on them, here are some seriously cool health benefits to coca leaves.

Health Benefits

  1. Coca leaves increase the amount of oxygen in your blood, allowing you to travel to high altitudes. To prevent the bends, chew these leaves to climb higher without the adjustment period.
  • (A bit of history: when the Spaniards conquered Argentina they didn’t understand chewing the green leaves and they passed laws to make coca leaves illegal to chew. Shortly after, they noticed a sharp decrease in production (they were forced to work themselves) and in time, they realized it was because the natives were no longer “chewing on the green leaves.”)
  1. Coca leaves are a mild stimulant, even better than coffee. Coca leaves provide your body with all sorts of vitamins and nutrients like: calcium (which caffeine takes from your body), iron, potassium, magnesium, etc. and vitamins A, C and E. Current research is also saying that, “the coca leaf contains more proteins than meat and far more calcium than condensed milk, and that it is richer in vitamin B-1 than fresh carrots.”
  2. Coca leaves are also used to prevent the absorption of alcohol. If you want to drink all night, chew a few of these before going out. You’ll have extra energy and wake up without the wicked hangover.
  3. Coca leaves curb your appetite, or, at least, it’s been suggested.

To Use Coca Leaves

Remove the stem of about 15-20 coca leaves. Pack a few in your cheeks, like chewing tobacco (without the gross spitting) and suck on the leaves. Remember to swallow those nutrient packed juices! If you want you can bite the leaves occasionally which will deliver more nutrients to your body. Discard the leaves after an hour and continue with your day (or take another dose, you might need to drink someone under the table tonight)



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