Posted on: April 10, 2015 at 2:26 pm
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Hummus is a delicious, creamy dip made with mashed chickpeas, tahini, oil, lemon juice and garlic, but I wouldn’t be talking about it just because it tastes good. This major health food is packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that can treat a variety of ailments.

Here are six health issues that will make you consider adding hummus to more of your dishes.

Health Benefits of Hummus


1. Anemia

As mentioned above, hummus is made of chickpeas, and chickpeas are a great source of iron. All you need is one cup of this tasty vegetable for 25% of your daily recommended iron. Chickpeas even contain vitamin C, which helps the body absorb the iron in your bloodstream.

2. Reduces Blood Clots

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Chickpeas also contain significant amounts of vitamin E and K. These vitamins help to prevent blood clotting, and they also help to reverse blood thinning as a result of too much warfarin.

3. Reduces Blood Sugar


Hummus is one carbohydrate that won’t send your blood sugar levels soaring. Its incredible amount of protein takes a while to digest, thus utilizing your glucose and keeping your blood sugar levels stable. This is great news particularly for diabetics.

4. Reduces Cancer Risk

Foods rich in folate are associated with a lower risk of certain cancers and heart disease. Guess which food is folate-packed? Hummus, containing 36% of your daily recommended folate intake.

5. Lowers Bad Cholesterol


Because of the isoflavones in chickpeas, an antioxidant, daily consumption of this hearty vegetable can lower bad cholesterol levels.

6. Helps With Weight Loss

The chickpeas in hummus are an amazing source of fiber and high fiber diets are known to stimulate weight loss.

Note: Avoid eating hummus with bread. The carbohydrates from bread will neutralize the health benefits of hummus. Eat it as a starch substitute instead.

Can’t get enough of hummus? Check out more information on hummus studies and its health benefits at Medical Daily.

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