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When it comes to the world of medicine, so much is still unknown. Studies can be conducted, and cases can be analyzed, but at the end of the day, each individual human is unique and will react uniquely to every situation. So, when baby Isaiah’s skin began to ‘melt’ at the age of 3-months-old, his mother did everything in her power to find out the cause and was surprised to find that the doctors could tell her very little.

Mother Finds Out What is ‘Melting’ Her Baby’s Skin

Stephanie Smith, of Atlanta, Georgia, spent the first year of her son, Isaiah’s, life unable to touch him. When Isaiah was just 3 months old he began suffering from flares of red rashes on his skin. It first began as a rash around a cut on his cheek, and then became a raw, red rash that would become worse if he was near anyone wearing perfume or clothes with fabric softener.

Doctors diagnosed the rash as eczema and prescribed him a low dose of over-the-counter steroids.


“His skin cleared up but a week later it came back, so we applied more,” Isaiah’s mother said. “This went on in a cycle over two months. Then his hair started to fall out. He became sick and lethargic. But all the doctors I took him to just said it was eczema. They told me to stop breastfeeding him as the milk protein could make it worse[1].”

“We couldn’t even hold him,” Smith said. “Every time our skin touched his, it would blister and ooze like crazy. I couldn’t even touch my cheek to his. We couldn’t use towels because they were too rough on his skin. Instead, we used thin cotton sheets. He was most comfortable in his bathtub, the water pouring over him in the sink. But he was still in pain. He would wail, and I would cry along. People asked what we had done to our baby. They asked, ‘has he been in a fire?’ He looked like he had third-degree burns[1].”

When Isaiah’s condition was at its worse, his mother began to do some research online and stumbled across a forum about steroid withdrawal, and the side effects that topical steroids can have. In the forum, she connected with people experiencing the same symptoms as Isaiah.

“I scrolled through picture after picture of children with skin like Isaiah. Red, raw skin, flaking off and oozing[1].” She said.

After doing more research Smith ceased using the steroids to treat Isaiah’s rash, and instead created a blend of lemongrass and zinc underneath his bandages. They slowly began to see patches of Isaiah’s skin clear, and Smith documented the experience through daily pictures.

In only 10 months Isaiah’s skin was completely clear.

“We still don’t know for sure what caused the original contact dermatitis,” his mother said. “But looking back, because of severe medical allergies in my family history, I think it might have been a reaction to medication. I had a C-section and was given Ibuprofen afterward, and I believe that was passed on through my breast milk. We saw 35 doctors altogether. They all said it was eczema. I want to show them all the photos showing how Isaiah’s skin cleared up[1].”

Now, Isaiah is living the happy, healthy, and normal life of a young child. He no longer has a reaction to perfumes, and life for the family has returned to normal.


“He chatters away, runs everywhere and is into everything.” His mother says. “He helps me around the house. He’s so sweet spirited. We lost the first year of his life. I wasn’t able to kiss him or hold him. Now we squeeze him all the time. He is a squeezable little guy.”

What to Do if a Baby has an Allergic Reaction

Medical analysis, as well as medication, is very important in the healing process, but, it is possible for doctors to miss some of the clues when it comes to diagnosis, making it difficult to fully treat a patient. When it comes to you and your family’s health, follow your intuition and pay attention to the little details that may go unnoticed. Often times a combination of Western medicine and effective natural medicine makes for a successful regime.

Keep a Medical Journal

If you or a loved one is experiencing symptoms, try keeping a ‘medical journal’ in which you write any changes that are experienced, good or bad. Make sure that you write the date that the change happened, and write the details of the change. This gives you a reference when speaking with a doctor to ensure that a proper diagnosis is made.

Educate Yourself


Always remain vigilant in your search for knowledge. Studies are constantly being conducted and updated, giving us more and more medical knowledge each day. Always respect the guidance of the doctor, but continue to learn as much as you can yourself to stay on top of shifting medical knowledge.

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