The risk of diabetes is very real, and more often than not people don’t have the proper guidance they need to prevent it. I am here to provide you with one of many healthy eating tips that can help reduce the risk of diabetes.

Recent studies have brought to light the power eggs hold when it comes to preventing diabetes. Although eggs are very high in cholesterol doctors suggest that having an egg-rich diet may actually be beneficial for you.

Essentially, what happens is the eggs you eat contain very important nutrients that improve the way your body metabolizes sugar. While your body is going through this process it lowers the risk of inflammation, which in turn can lead to chronic illness.

Lower The Risk

Studies have also shown positive correlations between egg-rich diets and appetite control, as well as providing people with a greater sense of feeling full. The cholesterol that eggs contain is not considered to necessarily be bad cholesterol. In fact doctors, and researchers, believe this good cholesterol is helpful when preventing Type 2 diabetes.

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Overall eggs are very good for your health, and I am sure you have heard that before. For many years eggs have been considered a staple in every household. They are so popular mainly because of the beneficial qualities they contain, not to mention they are delicious. Eating eggs in the morning seems to be the most popular time to consume them throughout your day. However, not everyone chooses to eat eggs.

Studies show that the exact number of eggs you should be consuming per week is 4. Consuming 4 eggs per week can lower your risk of Type 2 diabetes by as much as 40%, this statistic provides a very convincing argument for why you should be eating eggs roughly every other day.

Numbers Speak Volumes

A study conducted in London that consisted of 2,332 middle-aged men found that men who ate 4 eggs per week were 38% less likely to get sick than those who never eat eggs during the week.

This study is very important, especially if you are someone who maintains an important job and can’t afford to get sick. Of course this study does apply to women as well, although it was conducted on men researchers believe that the same observations apply to the opposite sex.

The study also showed that it did not matter how or when subjects ate their eggs. This is good news, mainly because many people have a specific way of cooking eggs. I know for example that I like my eggs over easy, so for the sake of this study getting me to eat 4 over easy eggs per week wouldn’t be a problem.

Use this healthy eating tip to ensure you never have to deal with problems that are associated with diabetes. Pass this information down to anyone who you believe may be at risk, there is no harm in altering your diet to prevent diseases like this.

For eve more information on the benefits of consuming eggs regularly visit the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.


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