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Sometimes foods get a bad reputation they just don’t deserve. 


1. Coffee

It could help fight cancer. People are always saying that they need to “cut down on the coffee,” as if it’s a habit comparable to smoking, but scientists are all pretty much in agreement that it just isn’t bad for you. In fact, a meta-analysis of 40 studies on the relationship between coffee and different kinds of cancer found that coffee consumption is inversely associated with the risk of many different types of cancer — including in the bladder, breast, throat, pancreas, and prostate.

It could be good for your heart. Research by the American Heart Association showed that higher levels of coffee drinking meant a lower risk of stroke. And another study from Kyoto University showed a reduced risk of death from cardiovascular disease in people who had at least one cup o’ joe a day.

2. Chocolate

It could be good for your heart. Or it’s just not bad for it. According to a study from the BMJ, eating up to 100 grams (or a bar) of chocolate every day is linked to lowered heart disease and stroke risk. But it could just be that those with a higher risk for cardiovascular disease eat less chocolate than those who are healthier.

It could be better for your brain than exercise … but, unfortunately, not for the rest of your body. A study from Columbia University and NYU found that those who ate a lot of chocolate — to be specific, 100 grams of cocoa powder (which usually contains 100 milligrams of flavanols) — scored better on memory tests than those who ate a little. That sounds great, but to get that much nutrition from regular chocolate, you’d have to eat 44 pounds a day … and would you really want to eat that much, even if you could? Probably not.


3. Red Wine

It could help you burn fat. Many studies have shown evidence that red wine may reduce heart disease risk (but increases risk if you overdo it) and that, as a fermented food, it may have gut (and potentially mind) benefits. But a recent study in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry suggests that it may have fat-busting properties, too. (But maybe just in mice.) If it helped them better metabolize fat and sugar, maybe it could help us do the same? We’ll see.

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