Posted on: October 25, 2016 at 2:04 pm
Last updated: September 18, 2017 at 12:13 pm

This article was shared with permission from the good people at Healthy Delicious.  


Ahh, Thanksgiving… the time of year when we get to enjoy the fall harvest and reflect on the past year. Whether you’re cooking a turkey with all the trimmings or not, it won’t hurt to sneak in at least one of these healthy recipes. I’ve cracked into the recipe archives to hand pick five that you should be considering this Thanksgiving.

Turnip or Rutabaga French Fries

turnip french fries


‘Tis the season for root vegetables. If you’re more of a fan of French fries than a mash, def try turning your turnips or rutabagas into fries. A little chopping, some coconut oil and a sprinkle of Himalayan salt is all you need to turnip that root mash around.

Cauliflower for Artists

cauliflower salad

If you’re vegetarian (or cooking dinner for someone who is), and you can’t get your head around a veg-ducken, try this instead: A room temperature vegetable salad that brings together roasted cauliflower, shredded cabbage, red onions, parsley, kidney beans and feta cheese.

Spaghetti Squash with Turkey in a Ginger Tomato Sauce

spaghetti squash recipe


Want turkey but don’t want to cook the whole dang thing? Try this strange-sounding but delicious recipe for spaghetti squash with an unusual tomato and ginger sauce with ground turkey. It’s a Healthy Delicious cult favorite and fulfills that newish trend of stuffing vegetables with things. How fun.

Pumpkin Pie

healthy pumpkin pie

Satisfy your gluten-free, grain-free and vegan friends with this delicious and unusual pumpkin pie. Unlike regular pumpkin pie, this version uses a raw pumpkin seed-based crust that is sweetened with dates. Get crazy and whip up some coconut cream to anoint the top.

Bone Broth

bone broth

If you took the making-a-whole-turkey-road, don’t even think about throwing out the bones. Make bone broth (or beauty broth, as I call it) and reward your skin, nails, hair and joints with the OG internal bb cream.

Andrea Sarjeant
Holistic Nutritionist
Andrea Sarjeant is a holistic nutritionist and kitchen witch. Her mission is to help you sift through all the health information out there and find a lifestyle that works for you, because once you optimize your health, you can have more enjoyment and success in the other areas of your life. With a background in fine arts and corporate marketing, Andrea is a creative problem-solver. Coupled with her experience in clinical nutrition, medicinal herbs and professional cooking, Andrea has helped clients around the world find what works for them.

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