Posted on: September 16, 2015 at 7:59 pm
Last updated: October 31, 2017 at 1:25 pm

Heart and lung troubles. It’s so easy to forget how difficult they can be until you’re having them.

These points may help cover mild occurrences of irregular heartbeat. They’ve been reported to help with asthma, chest cold, bronchitis and pneumonia symptoms (if you suspect you have bronchitis or pneumonia – go see a doctor).

This information is meant to help with symptoms, not cure your health problems – if you feel sick enough to think you might need to see a doctor – go see a doctor. If you’re running a fever, or someone else thinks you should see a doctor, please go see a doctor.

Reflexology for Colds and Congestion

Now the points in your feet that you’re going to rub – you’ll know you hit them because the spots will hurt, particularly if you’re very sick. In fact, the sicker you are, the more this spot will hurt.


Lung Point:

The lung point is on the ball of your foot between your big and pinkie toes. Press there hard with your fingers or your knuckles. Dig into the spot and you should feel a tension in your chest. You can use thumbs and a bit of essential oils (like rosemary or eucalyptus) diluted with carrier oils to help ease the massage.

This is going to stimulate the circulation in your lungs and help soothe and clear the gunk from your lungs.

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Remember to rub in tiny circles. To get a really good rub in your feet, step on a tube, a ball, or even a rock out of the garden. Applying heavy pressure will help clear them out earlier.

To get the best benefits from this, rub when you wake up, just before lunch, at the end of the work day (around 5) and then just before bed. Try this for three or four days. If you start feeling better, continue to do it anyway, though I know you’ll want to quit. But you should keep at it until you feel fine. This method should clear your cold several days faster than normal.

Heart Point:


This pressure point is going to stimulate circulation in the body and improve your heart’s efficiency. It’s also shown to promote relaxation – something that can improve heart strength simply by reducing stress. Stress can be a factor in heart attack and fatigue. If you often find yourself cold, this can also help warm you up by increasing blood flow.

This spot is located on your left foot, underneath your 3rd and pinkie toes, between the ball of your foot and where the arch starts. Once again, use pressure and rub small circles using your thumbs. For extra benefits, use cinnamon essential oil diluted with a carrier oil to promote even more circulation.

Note should be made that pregnant women should not use reflexology, as it can stimulate labour.

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