Posted on: September 1, 2018 at 5:20 pm

People are great, and all, but it’s always a special treat to see a dog in an unexpected place. Whether it’s a furry friend popping their head out of a car during rush hour traffic or a loyal seeing eye dog making everyday life significantly easier and safer for its companion, we’re all for it.

The internet is collectively applauding and laughing at one particular “sheep dog” who’s… just trying his best.


That’s certainly one way to get a good vantage point!

Then there’s this gorgeous, fluffy monster who takes his babysitting role very seriously when it’s family day at the beach.

And how could we forget Jesse the Jack Russel who’s more well-trained than most people we know! Watch Jesse show off how well he can do chores around the house.

How could you not love these livestock guard dogs who are really enjoying their break to roll around in the cold, refreshing snow? Good job, puppers!

We’re so proud of every single one of these good boys who truly are humans’ best friend. Honestly- what did we do to deserve dogs?

Way to go, Fraser! This black lab-golden mix is spreading so much joy to those who need it most. We love you, Fraser!

We wish we could’ve been in the same room when this cool group of kids met Egan, Camille’s guide dog!


Take a moment to show some love to the helpful dog in your life! Give them a pat on the head for us!

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