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There are a wide range of diseases that affect people out there. One of the most common, and deadly, is cancer. Over the years modern medicine has come a long way in giving people with cancer a fighting chance. Besides the expensive treatments there are other ways the battle with cancer can be won, and it involves herbs.

Most people think of seasoning when you mention herbs, very few people know about the other great benefits that they can carry. You can use some herbs to fight and even prevent cancer. Knowing what these herbs are and how they impact the body can make a big difference in people who are struggling with this disease, or simply want to find a way to help prevent it.

Preventing/Fighting Cancer

If you want to prevent cancer it is important that you live a healthy lifestyle. You should always get good sleep, exercise often, and eat a well-balanced diet. You should always try to include certain herbs into your diet in order to help keep cancer at bay.

Some of these herbs are common, while others you may have never heard of before. One thing is for sure, science has proven the benefits of regularly consuming certain herbs.



Garlic is a very common herb that can be found in a many dishes. Studies have shown that consuming garlic on a regular basis can help prevent cancer, more specifically cancer of the stomach. The reason for this cancer prevention has to do with the organosulfer compounds found in garlic.

Cayenne Pepper

Most people know cayenne pepper for its spice. But it is actually an extraordinarily strong antioxidant. Studies have shown that by consuming cayenne pepper is toxic to cancer cells. If you consume it regularly you can fight the formation of cancers in the body.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle is a crucial plant when it comes to liver health and cancer prevention. Milk thistle and the seeds from the plant can be used to get rid of toxins that may be trying to bind to the liver, including cancer. It has anti-tumor properties which make it ideal if you are trying to actively prevent cancer.


Turmeric has too many health benefits to ignore. If you consume a teaspoon daily you will start to feel better in general. Some of the great benefits of this herb include being an anti-inflammatory, immune system boost, liver support, and of course an increase in tumor fighting cells.

Fighting Cancer

When someone gets cancer it can be devastating. There is usually a lot of very expensive medicine involved, plenty of trips to the doctors, and the side effects of all of the anti-cancer drugs that are given to patients. Luckily there are herbs out there that can not only battle cancer, but help reduce the nasty side effects of cancer medication.



Feverfew was used in a study at a university in New York. The study found that it was great at killing off leukemia cells, even better than the actual cancer medication.


Consuming one tiny glass of wheatgrass a day has shown to dramatically increase the health of cancer patients and non-cancer patients alike. It is particularly useful for people who are suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment. It will help purify your blood, increase your oxygen levels, and help your body repair to continue to fight against cancer.

Ruscus Aculeatus


This herb is always known as Butchers Broom and it is great at fighting cancer due to its active ingredient, ruscogenins. The active ingredient has been proven to shrink tumors and increase the cancer fighting cells in the body.

Sheep’s Sorrell

Sheep’s Sorrell can be used in people who are suffering the harmful effects of cancer medications. It helps the tissues rebuild and get back to the condition that they were in before the cancer and medication to use it was introduced. Some have suggested that it can be used to ward off cancer cells and keep them from growing.


This herb is grown in China and has been proven to help with cancer on a couple of different levels. First it boosts your body’s immune system, which in turn helps it identify cancer cells. A study showed that cancer patients who took this herb survived twice as long.

Herbs: Making a Comeback?

During the past 40 years many people were giving up on herbs and talking about cancer treatments to help patients. Now that there is a way to test these herbs and see how they can affect people suffering from cancer folks are changing their minds.


We are a long way from using herbs as a one and only solid treatment for cancer. Perhaps in a few years more leaps and bounds can be made and we can discover even more about these extraordinary plants that have been here all along.


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