Posted on: April 24, 2015 at 6:29 pm
Last updated: August 3, 2019 at 1:46 pm

Alcoholism is a very serious disease that many people deal with on a day-to-day basis. There are many different types of alcoholics; typically the media portrays them as people who cannot function without consuming alcohol.


However, there are certain cases where alcoholics can be very high-functioning members of society. Often these alcoholics can maintain important jobs, and manage to make a very good living for themselves.

In other cases these people can manage their family life, and everything else that comes with it. But there are certain symptoms and problems that can arise, especially with high-functioning alcoholics.


Here are 9 signs and symptoms that can help identify a high-functioning alcoholic:

1. Not drinking may cause them to get irritable, nervous, and even uncomfortable.

This is common with many addictions. When they don’t drink they can have negative reactions, similar to how drug abusers suffer when they pull themselves off certain drugs. This can also cause health problems like nervousness, a rapid heart rate, sweating, and seizures.

2. They tend to drink instead of eating.

People who are dealing with alcoholism will replace meals with alcohol. They tend to lose all interest in in food, or they will use mealtime to give themselves an excuse to drink.

3. Two drinks just aren’t enough.

Alcoholics will find it hard to just have a few drinks. They will often over drink, and will seldom leave a drink behind. This is a true sign that someone may be suffering from alcoholism.


4. Memory loss or “blacking out” are common.

This is something may people have recorded over the years. Often alcohol abuse will result in memory loss. Meaning they may not remember the activities they participated in the previous day.

5. Changes in their behavior.

Alcohol can cause people to do things that they would not normally do. When under the influence alcoholics can become aggressive and make impulse decisions.

6. Hangovers are nonexistent.

Abusing alcohol can make your body dependent on the substance. Usually high-functioning alcoholics can drink a substantial amount without experiencing the traditional hangover the following day.

7. They hide their alcohol very well.

They will hide their alcohol very well, or even sneak drinks in when they can. This is a huge sign of alcohol abuse. If someone you know, or love, is hiding alcohol they may have realized that they are doing something unfavorable, and choose to hide their faults from others.

8. They don’t respond well to discussing their drinking behavior.

Alcoholics will not respond well to being confronted with regards to their addiction. They can become aggressive, which in turn will make the situation much worse.

9. They rationalize their drinking.

If someone manages to not get angry when you speak to him or her about their potential problem they will often find an excuse for why they drink. The first sign of an alcoholic is denial. They will often find a reason to drink, even when others feel it is unnecessary.

Each of the 9 signs and symptoms of a high-functioning alcoholic are very noticeable. If you feel someone you know may be suffering try to give them the most support that you can. You have to remember that this is an addiction, and in turn, a disease.

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