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Home Natural Cellulite Treatment

It’s likely you’ve seen (or even have) cellulite without knowing exactly what it is. With this common condition affecting nearly all women at some time or another, it’s amazing that no scientifically-proved treatment has yet been available for this. Especially when cellulite is considered to be unattractive and even gross by some people.

What is Cellulite?

Cellulite happens when fat deposits appear under the skin which give it a bumpy appearance. Having a certain amount of fat under your skin is normal, but when it puts strain on the connective tissue that it pushes against, this is what creates cellulite. It’s most common on the butt and thighs, and although it can happen in men, it’s much more likely to affect women due to their higher body fat content. Cellulite can range from being barely noticeable to being very noticeable, depending on certain factors such as your connective tissue structure, fat content, etc.


Now that we know a little bit about cellulite, let’s discover the causes, and, of course, treatments that can lead us to understand this annoying condition a little more and what we can do about it!

Why Causes Cellulite?

It’s disappointing, but there’s actually no one culprit that causes cellulite. In fact, the ideas people have of what causes cellulite aren’t even proven to be true! It’s hard to know what exactly causes this condition to occur. However, let’s check out some of the theories that exist for why cellulite happens to us beautiful women:

  • Bad diet. It’s no secret that our diet has pretty much everything to do with our health. People who have a poor diet (such as too much salt and bad fats—aka most processed foods) are more susceptible to develop cellulite. An even better reason to pack on the veggies and fresh fruit along with healthy fats like avocado!
  • Not exercising. You knew not exercising was bad for you, but did you know it can actually be a contributing factor in whether or not you get cellulite? Get that blood pumping, girl!
  • Hormones. Some people speculate that hormones—especially a hormone imbalance—could affect whether or not a person develops cellulite. This is why it’s so important to eat healthy and exercise while your hormones are changing, such as when your body is growing and changing during puberty.
  • Not drinking enough. Dehydration isn’t good for your body period, but some experts think that not drinking enough water can lead to cellulite. This is probably because when you aren’t properly hydrated, it can lead to hormone problems, skin problems, and result in poor metabolism.
  • Poor lifestyle decisions. Do you smoke? Drink alcohol frequently? Sit at a desk for eight hours a day? All these things negatively impact your health in other ways, but guess what—they can contribute to cellulite too!
  • Genes. Experts believe that if women in your family have cellulite, you’ll be genetically predisposed to get it due to the inner structure of the skin. Don’t let this stop you from eating healthy and exercising though!
  • Undies. Some people also think that if you wear tight underwear, it can hinder blood circulation, therefore contributing to cellulite formation.

What Can You Do About It?

So here’s the deal—none of the conventional treatments for cellulite have been proven to work. These include radio frequency treatments, cellulite creams (which can actually have weird chemicals in them that are doing your body more harm than good), liposuction, and even laser and magnetic wave therapy.

Not only do these treatments not sound very safe (or natural), but they’re likely not helping your cellulite. Some of these have been rumored to get results, such as the radio frequency treatments, which can cost up to $500 for a 30-minute session, of which you’ll need several treatments to even notice a difference in your cellulite.

But why would you spend so much money when it’s not even been proven to work? Try natural remedies that you can do at home that are inexpensive, safe, and may even get better results than the more expensive treatments!

Home Remedies for Cellulite Include:

  • Massage. Massage increases circulation and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Talk with your massage therapist about what specific massages will help.
  • Diet. Eat more vegetables, healthy fats, and drink water!
  • Coffee scrub. Coffee scrub can stimulate circulation, and the caffeine is an important component in helping cellulite. Check out this amazing recipe.
  • Lifestyle changes. Get up and move more, stop smoking, limit alcohol, and do what makes you happy. Stress can lead to your body harboring fat along with many other health problems.
  • Coconut oil. This amazing oil is one of the most easily absorbed into the skin and can make your skin silky smooth along with packing a powerful omega punch. Take a couple tablespoons internally as well to get healthy fats in your diet!
  • Dry scrub. Dry scrubbing your skin is a popular remedy for cellulite. It’s even more effective when you do it before your daily shower and then follow up with coconut oil afterwards. Get a dry scrubbing brush for great price and stimulate blood circulation. Just remember to always brush towards the heart!

A combination of hormone changes, lifestyle factors, and your diet could lead to cellulite formation. However, there are natural remedies out there for cellulite! Combat cellulite with these natural home remedies. They’re natural, safe, and many of them can improve your overall health, not just your skin!

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Jenn Ryan is a freelance writer and editor who's passionate about natural health, fitness, gluten-free, and animals. She loves running, reading, and playing with her four rescued rabbits.

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