Posted on: July 2, 2015 at 2:10 pm
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Even if you’re well versed in natural hair care remedies, lanolin might be one type of treatment that you haven’t heard of yet. But if you have untamable locks that are prone to frizz and dryness, lanolin may be exactly the product that you are looking for. Lanolin is fatty substance that’s found naturally on sheep’s wool. When wool is boiled for a few hours, the lanolin separates from the wool and rises to the top of the water as a yellowish mixture of esters that is easy to scoop up and harvest.


Despite looking like a fat, lanolin is technically considered to be a wax. ­Most moisturizers are made with oils derived from fruits and vegetables, like coconut and olive oil, or shea butters. These moisturizers therefore, consist largely of fatty acids. Lanolin on the other hand, is made of the esters of fatty acids. What this means is that while lanolin cannot be dissolved in water easily, it attracts water. As a result, when lanolin penetrates into skin or hair cells, it attracts the water that is already present there, and prevents it from escaping. This stops excess water loss from the skin layer, and keeps the cells hydrated for longer.

Top 4 Tips To Use Lanolin

1. Melt lanolin

Pure lanolin is a very thick wax that doesn’t melt as easily as fats like coconut oil or shea butter. However, with a little heat it can be melted down and turned into spreadable oil. If you have a solid form of lanolin, you need to rub it between your fingers for a solid minute before it becomes usable enough to put in your hair. You can purchase lanolin in a liquid form, but some beneficial parts of the pure lanolin are extracted when this happens.


2. Apply directly to hair

Apply the lanolin to damp washed hair. Lanolin works best as a moisturizer when it’s used on wet hair, because it attracts water molecules, and encourages them to remain in the hair. This will stop the hair from drying out.

3. Mix with other oils and butters

When using lanolin on your hair, you can add it to the oils that you already use. For example, if you already use coconut oil on your hair to smooth it out and moisturize, you can still apply this, and then top it up with lanolin.


4. Alternative to castor oil

Lanolin works effectively as a great alternative to castor oil, and its less thick and sticky to use. As well as hair, you can also keep your skin moisturized with the treatment.

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