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Man-kind… We have become amazing food scientist, creating products that 100 years ago we would have never dreamed about. But have we taken it too far by messing with Mother Nature and joining together ingredients, chemical cocktails and additives that are not made for our bodies.

Have you ever been mind blown by your lunch, shocked by your smoothie or bewildered by your paleo snack bar? No, us neither, but you’re about to be shocked by these food facts we have discovered.

Warning: May cause you to make healthier choices.

Did you know…

1. Pringles once had a lawsuit, trying to prove they WEREN’T really potato chips. Wait what? That’s right. Even though the labelling clearly states ‘potato crisps’ – Procter and Gamble tried to argue that Pringles were not really made out of potato (rather a cocktail of chemicals) to try an be exempt from taxes. It worked for a while, until they finally got stung with $160 million in taxes to be paid.


2. Chickens have nearly quadrupled in size since the 1950’s.  In 1955, it took 70 days to let a chicken mature to sell for meat. Today, that number dips to 47 days. A 2014 study compared broiler chicken breeds from 1957, 1978, and 2005 and documented a tremendous difference in growth speed and size (just check out the photographs they took!)

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But according to Paul Shapiro, the Vice President of Farm Animal Protection of the Humane Society of the United States, “Chickens in the meat industry are sentenced to a lifetime suffering because of genetic manipulation that forces them to grow so rapidly,” he told The Dodo. “All you need to do is go look at a shed of broiler chickens more than a month old. Most have difficulty walking and often collapse under their own weight.”

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3. Store bought 100% ‘real’ orange juice, is 100% ‘not real’ orange juice. OJ manufacturers remove oxygen from the juice to make it last longer, which in turn removes all the flavor and natural scents of the fruit. So to make it taste like a freshly squeezed orange, they hire flavor and fragrance companies, the same ones that perfume companies use, to make it palatable again.

4. Central Appalachia’s tooth decay problem is referred to as ‘Mountain Dew mouth’, due to the beverage’s popularity in the region. Unfortunately it’s not only a problem in Central Appalachia, it’s happening all over the world. Meet Larry from Kentucky in the new “That Sugar Film” documentary.

5. About 70% of the world’s olive oil sold is adulterated and not actually pure olive oil. In fact in 2008, Italian police conducted “Operation Golden Oil” to conduct a lengthy investigation on all the farmers and producers falsely claiming their oil was 100% pure.


6. Millions of people across the world are consuming beaver butt without even knowing it.Castoreum, which is used in vanilla flavoring in candies, baked goods etc is actually a secretion from the anal glands of beavers. Vanilla cupcakes anyone?

7. The struggle with sugar cravings may start from birth. Scientific evidence from the University of Washington suggests that we are hardwired from birth to crave sweetness.

8. The red food coloring carmine, used in Skittles and other candies, is actually derived from boiling cochineal bugs (a type of beetle). You might want to think twice about that Starbucks Strawberry Frappuccino. Perhaps they should consider changing their name to Starbuggs.

9. The softening agent L-cysteine, used in some bread, is made from human hair and duck feathers. Would people purchase their bread if they listed those ingredients?

10 . During World War II when a soldier was wounded and lost a lot of blood, if plasma was unavailable for them they would be given a coconut water transfusion instead as the electrolyte balance closely mimics that of human blood and would keep them alive. Another great reason besides excellent hydration that we should pack a few liters of this liquid gold when we go camping!

11. Ranch dressing contains titanium dioxide, which is used to make it appear whiter. This is the same ingredient is used in sunscreen and paint for the same effect. Would you like a side of sunscreen salad dressing?


12. Fruit flavored snacks like gummy bears and fruit chews are made with carnauba wax – the same wax that is used on cars, surfboards and dental floss. Plus side? Your teeth will shine.

Did We Blow Your Mind? What Other Food Facts Could You Add To The List?

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