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Your home is a place where you can relax and recharge. Shouldn’t it be the best space possible for you and your family?

Feng shui is the Chinese art of spatial balance and arrangement to help maximize energy flow and bring peace and serenity into your home. [1]

This method of arranging and clearing your items can help you feel even better about your house—and best of all, it advocates for getting rid of things that are sapping up your valuable energy!

According to feng shui principles, here are some of the top ten things you should never have in your home.

The 10 Things You Need to Get Rid of in Your Home

dead plant


Get ready to de-clutter your home and create some breathing space by getting rid of these 10 things you don’t want in your life!

1. Clutter

According to feng shui guidelines, everything in your home needs to have a designated space. If items don’t have a space, they have to go. Shoes should not be sitting out, your keys shouldn’t be randomly on the kitchen counter, and never keep items that don’t even have a spot to go in your home. You’ll feel better after everything has a place—and is kept there!

2. Things You Don’t Use Anymore

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I’m willing to bet that those items you don’t have places for likely aren’t used very much. You need to get rid of everything that you don’t use anymore—it doesn’t matter if you think you’ll use it one day, or you’re saving it for a special occasion, or anything like that. We both know you won’t do it. So just let it go.

3. A Disorganized Front Entrance

When you first walk into your home, the space should be clear and entirely functional. There should never be a pile of shoes in your front hallway or coats that don’t have a place to hang. Take advantage of storage options for all your things that you need in this place. A disorganized front entrance does not set up a proper energy flow for the rest of your home. [2]

4. Items Under The Bed

The bedroom is such an important space, especially in feng shui—this is the place where you rest and recharge your body after a long day. Items that are stored under the bed are blocking the energy flow throughout the room and can suck your energy while you’re resting. Anything stored under your bed either needs to be thrown away or put somewhere else. Your bedroom is a sacred space and one of the most important rooms in the house. [3]

5. Mirrors In The Wrong Places


If you have mirrors in your house, this is fine. However, it’s having mirrors in the wrong places that can cause problems. When the mirrors are reflecting certain things (especially your bed or maybe even clutter), they need to be moved. Mirrors should reflect positive images and should never be in your bedroom. In feng shui, this means someone else may intrude upon your love life! [4]

6. Dead Plants or Flowers

Some people like having dead plants in their house—these could include dried herbs, flowers, or just houseplants that you neglected to water. According to feng shui principles, these dead plants reflected a dead energy household and should not be kept. [5] Houseplants are great in feng shui and help bring energy and life into the home, but dead ones should not be left hanging around.

7. Broken Items

Caring for your living space is one of the best things you can do for proper Chi flow throughout the home. This means fixing something when it’s broken. If it’s broken and you don’t intend to fix it, get rid of it. If something doesn’t work anymore and you’d like to keep it, then take the time to get it fixed. If an item has been sitting around your house broken for some time and you’ve neglected to fix or use it, perhaps time to throw it out, eh? [6]

8. A Bed in a Corner

Again, we come back to the bedroom. Having a bed that’s bordered by walls on one or more sides (especially a bed in a corner) does not promote proper energy flow. By positioning your bed a different way, you can get a better night’s sleep and feel rested in the morning. It’s best if you have a bed that’s not directly against any wall, but if this can’t be avoided, try to keep it limited to one wall, away from any corners, and within view of the door if possible. [7]


9. Items Hanging Over Your Bed

Just as items under your bed pose an energy sucking problem, so do items hanging over your bed. Believe it or not, these include lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. These are a no! Ceiling fans only serve to chop up energy (considered bad), and light fixtures should never be directly over the bed. Placing these items in a different space in the room can help greatly when it comes to energy flow. [8]

10. Electrical Items in the Bedroom

In feng shui, the bedroom is considered a yin space, meaning it’s supposed to be calm and rejuvenating rather than bold and busy. This same principle should apply to just about all aspects of the bedroom, including paint color! However, this also means that electrical items in the bedroom should be limited.

Yes, this includes TV, any exercise equipment, cell phones, and computers. Keep them out of your sacred space. This room is for resting, not for entertainment. This is perhaps one of the biggest lifestyle changes you can make for positive energy! [9]

Are you ready to feel better and stop that negative energy from pervading your home? By getting rid of these ten things and making sure things you want to keep have a space, you can create a home oasis that’s perfect for positive energy—one that you’ll love coming home to!


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