We all hate leftovers. For one thing they are usually cold, and, even when you do heat them up they never taste as good as when you first made the meal. Or do they? What follows below will teach you how to turn your plain old leftovers (or any bland food for that matter) into a delicious meal, without adding a single ingredient.

It’s All In Your Head

The mind can be a very tricky thing. Think about it, when you see an amazing piece of art, the platform it is presented on makes a huge difference.

For example, if you have ever seen the Mona Lisa with your own eyes you know just how awe inspiring it can be, but, if you  were to see the same image on a computer screen, it  would not evokes anywhere near the same emotion. Why is that?

Well, Thanks to Dr. Charles Spence of Oxford University we might finally find out.

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Researching information for his latest book “The Perfect Meal” Dr. Spence conducted an ethnographic study in which he observed the reaction of about 3,000 participants to the taste of a particular brand of white wine.  Participants were given a glass of white wine and asked to say what it tasted like and how much they liked it.

Once the results were recorded, the participants were given more of the exact same white wine while the music and lighting were changed. The study revealed that there was a 20 percent change in response rates once the music and lighting were altered.

“Sometimes, things we are not conscious of have more impact than the things we are conscious of,” Says Dr. Spence.


According to Dr. Spence the cutlery you eat with makes a big difference in how delicious your meal will taste. For example, if you are eating a meal using a fork and knife that feel light in your hand, the food will taste cheap. However, if you eat a meal using heavy, thick, and polished cutlery your food will immediately taste more refined, expensive, and delicious.

Drinking Glass

The drinking glass you drink your favorite beverage out of can make a big difference in the taste of your meal.  The cleaner the glass, the more appealing the meal in general will look. As an added benefit, you will be more likely to take regular sips that will cleanse your palate after every few bites allowing for you to experience a burst of fresh flavor in almost every bite.


Your ears play just as an important role in the eating experience as your eyes, nose, and mouth do. According to Dr. Spence, ‘sonic seasoning’, which is pairing music with food, is just as important as the actual seasoning of the food.

High-pitched music adds sweetness; lower-pitched music and brassy sounds make food taste bitter, and of course classical music makes food taste more refined, says Dr. Spence.

It’s a bit mind boggling just how much everything but food plays into our perception of taste, but, with these tips you will be sure to have your next batch of dinner guest cleaning off their plates and asking for leftovers.

For more information on how to better you’re eating experience without changing your recipe visit Daily Mail

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