Posted on: September 2, 2015 at 2:31 pm
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So you’ve hopped on the cleanse. You’ve detoxed so much, you no longer have detox recipes you’ve never tried. You have every known detoxing herb stored in your pantry. You’re the Detoxing Queen (or King… or Supreme Ruler, that’s cool too). And that’s awesome. You’ve taken the baths, and avoided every possible thing to avoid harming your body. Awesome

Or maybe you’re just getting started on the detox train. Maybe going on a ten day juice cleanse just isn’t feasible yet. Maybe you’re just starting to wean yourself off a sodium and sugar heavy diet and you’re looking to kickstart your cleansing. Good for you. I’m proud. That’s a big step.

What is this thing I’m recommending that you haven’t tried?


Reflexology is the application of pressure to your hands and feet in order to stimulate your internal organs, joints, and circulation. Essentially, its a combination of massage and acupressure.


Reflexologist practitioners stipulate that, much like acupuncture and acupressure, reflexology helps stimulate your life force into circulating, easing illnesses or unhealthiness in the body.

But enough of that, what about the pressure points?

The Points

Because cleanses seem to be most concerned with the digestive tract: the liver, kidneys, and intestines that’s what I’ve decided to focus on.

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The Liver

The liver is one of your most crucial organs. While missing a lung or a kidney can be dealt with, the liver cannot be bypassed. It’s has so many functions. The liver cleanses your blood, by eliminating harmful substances in your body like alcohol and other toxins. It regulates the release of nutrients like sugars and fats to supply your body with a steady amount of energy. It works with the immune system, creates the clotting factors your body needs to stop bleeding out. It also regulates hormones and body cholesterol. The reflexology points help the liver do its job.

There are two pressure points for the liver, one in the right hand and one in the left foot.


The locate the point in your right hand, go to the split between your middle and ring fingers. Trace down your palm to the hollow located beneath the swell of your upper palm. That’s the spot and it runs right back to your pinky finger.

The point on your left foot is on the bottom, located beneath the ball of your foot underneath your pinky and third toes.

The Kidneys

The kidneys perform a similar task to the liver in that both organs clear the blood. While the liver eliminates toxins, the kidneys strip out excess minerals or unnecessary by-products your body produces. When you consume too much vitamin C, your kidneys filter out what you don’t need, when your muscles produce creatinine, they clear that from your blood. They also encourage hormone production that helps the intestines absorb nutrients.The reflexology points help the kidneys do their job.

The kidney point in the right hand can be found in the meaty part of your palm below your index finger, right above the bone of your thumb. A bit of pressure will help you locate the spot.

The reflexology points can be found in both your feet, in the center of your arch. These are simple points to find.


The Intestines

The bowels are in charge of nutrient and water absorption. Pretty simple. But a lot can get caught in your intestines. Reflexology encourages your colon to function better, reducing build-up in the colon and encouraging regularity in bowel movements.

The intestinal points are located in the right hand at the heel of your palm, straight across the bottom, rubbing here will stimulate the small intestine, helping absorb nutrients and giving that detox smoothie a better chance of entering your blood.

The the kidneys, both feet help to stimulate your large and small intestinal tract this spot is located at the back of your arch, close to your heel and spans the entire width of the sole of your foot. Give a very firm rub to this point, or stand on something firm (like a golf ball) and roll your foot side to side to get the benefits.

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