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After a long and hard day’s work, we often go home excited by the thought of doing…nothing. Simply relaxing and taking time for yourself to decompress. How does a quick meal, comfy couch, and your favorite Netflix or cable TV series sound? Pretty convincing, right? Jessica Beniquez thought so, too. Until, at just 19-years-old, she weighed over 320 pounds.

The Weight Loss Journey of Jessica Beniquez

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Reflecting on how she quickly got to weighing over 320 pounds, Jessica knew two things: 1) she had a problem and 2) she needed to solve it fast. In an interview with People, Jessica explained:[1,2]

“I was a very picky eater. I didn’t stick a vegetable in my mouth. I ate fast food every day and would pretty much only eat chicken nuggets, pasta, and fries. I laid in bed watching series after series on Netflix. All I did was eat, go to work, and watch my shows.”

But as much as she may have enjoyed her old laidback lifestyle that predominately revolved around fast food and Netflix, Jessica knew something had to change. Towards the end of February 2016, she committed to taking control of her life after coming to a realization…

“I didn’t feel comfortable. Getting out of bed was hard. I felt miserable,” said Jessica. “I knew I needed to lose weight because I had high blood pressure, but it took me over a year to realize how dangerous that is.”


What Exactly Triggered Jessica’s Lifestyle Change?

A number of factors spurred on Jessica’s change in mindset, many of them health-related. However, it seems that there was one underlying factor that helped kickstart this journey – relationships. On that day in late February, she was going to start another Netflix series when she thought to herself: I don’t want to do this anymore. I don’t want to sit in bed and do nothing. I feel so lazy. I don’t even hang out with my friends.

When Jessica decided to make this change, it was instant. She immediately ordered Herbalife shakes because, in her words, “If I didn’t, I honestly don’t think I’d be where I am write now. I got the shakes and never looked back.”

How Jessica Beniquez Changed Her Life Forever

At the beginning of Jessica’s weight loss journey, she weighed 320+ pounds. After 19 months of putting these changes into practice, she weighed 145 pounds. That’s a total weight loss of about 175 pounds – incredible! Although she hopes to lose a little more weight – and she will – Jessica is more than happy now that she’s living a healthier lifestyle.

4 Ways Jessica Beniquez Achieved Her Weight Loss Goals

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  1. Swapped fast food out for healthier alternatives. Her meals included foods such as organic lunch meats, carrots and hummus, yogurt, cottage cheese, and grilled chicken salads.
  2. Started walking a half a mile every night to spending two hours in the gym, every day. But the transition was not easy. Initially, Jessica tried procrastinating and was unsure of what to do in the gym saying, “I didn’t want people to look at me. It’s embarrassing when you’re young and really big. Walking through a gym, you see a lot of fit people and I was super intimidated by that. But once I got the gym membership, I exercised every single day for an hour, then eventually it turned into an hour and a half, and now I’m at two hours, maybe more.”
  3. Surrounded herself with a supportive team. Within a short time, people began approaching her in the gym saying, “Wow, congratulations! You’ve come such a long way.”
  4. Ended her relationship with Netflix. Jessica quickly replaced her binge-watching with walking and free YouTube workout videos.

By no means has this been an easy couple of years for Jessica, who said herself that “I never expected to be where I am today. I was shy, but now I have so much more confidence, I have so much more energy… It’s crazy the things I can do now that I couldn’t do before.” Today, Jessica continues to make progress in her weight loss journey and lead a healthy lifestyle working at her gym and inspiring others on her Instagram page, which boasts almost 290k followers!


5 Tips for Cutting Down Your Television or Netflix Consumption

As enjoyable as watching a good series or movie is, entertainment can quickly become a detrimental distraction. One that keeps you sedentary, anti-social, and snacking. So, here are some helpful ways to prevent shows from potentially harming your health.[3]

  • Pace yourself; it makes shows more enjoyable. Blasting through series (aka binge-watching) has actually been scientifically proven to reduce the joy you get out of them.[4]
  • Watch a series with a friend or family member (and only with them). Doing this will hopefully limit you to watching episodes when you get together. Chances are you will get more out of the series by having something there to talk to about it.
  • Disable ‘autoplay’ for your streaming service. Not only do streaming services like Netflix or Hulu make not binge-watching hard enough, they continuously play shows without you having to press a button! Consider turning off the Netflix autoplay feature because we both know if an episode starts, there ain’t no stopping it:
    • Heading to the Netflix web site in your browser
    • Sign in and go to the Your Account page
    • Find the “Playback settings” link in the My Profile section and click it
    • Under Preferences, uncheck the box next to “Play next episode automatically
  • Turn off your TV or laptop (and any other screens) at least an hour before bed. The artificial light most mobile devices emit can compromise your ability to sleep and lead to insomnia and weight gain.
  • Read a book instead of watching a screen. Just try it and watch how much more quickly you fall asleep. Plus, it never hurt to let your imagination run free! When was the last time you tried doing that?

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