Posted on: May 16, 2018 at 2:38 pm
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Wedding season is upon us and for 21-year-old Connecticut native Kaylene Vymola, like so many others, she wanted to get in better shape for the trip of a lifetime. With plane tickets purchased and the departure date looming, Kaylene had less than six months to transform her body.

“I have always kind of been on the overweight side and I was self-conscious,” she told Daily Mail. “I wasn’t extremely down about it but it always kind of bothered me. I felt unhappy. In summer you want to wear bikinis and dresses and I was very hesitant because I didn’t feel great in them.”

Starting her weight loss journey in July 2017, Kaylene weight 175 pounds. Although she may not have had a specific goal, getting in shape was a must. You might be wondering: did she start a ketogenic diet? What gym program did she sign up for? Believe it or not, there was no specific fad diet involved and she did not step into a gym – once.

How Kaylene Vymola Transformed Her Body Without Once Stepping into a Gym

As an instructional technology representative, Kaylene was not leading the healthiest lifestyle. In the morning, she started swapping coffee for tea. For lunch, she would eat chips and sandwiches courtesy of Subway. At dinner, she would often opt for super carb-heavy pizzas and pasta dishes. To top it all off, she had a sweet tooth and loved snacking on chocolates such as Kit Kat and Reese’s peanut butter cups.


So, how did she replace unhealthy foods?

Instead of the foods and drinks she listed above, Kaylene swapped her old meals with:

  • Tea
  • Eggs for breakfast
  • Grilled chicken and salads for lunch
  • Protein-based meals for dinner

By no means was it easy, but a getaway in Mexico with her then-boyfriend Alex Lo Monaco (who proposed to during the vacation) kept Kaylene motivated.

“My goal was to feel confident in a bikini. I just wanted to feel better and more confident and not worry about people staring. It was torture in the beginning… [But] Alex was very supportive throughout the entire weight loss journey.

Whenever I would ask him to accompany me on a walk, he was happy to do so and was always supportive of my healthy eating even though he’s a sucker for carbs as I was.”

weight loss journey

In addition to making tangible changes to her eating habits, the biggest thing she did was making the choice to walk everywhere. Literally. It turned out that walking was also a perfect option because Kaylene couldn’t justify spending money on a gym membership. She would walk around 15,000 steps per day (or six miles). But how, you ask?

  • To and from work every day
  • On her lunch breaks
  • For an hour in the evenings through her neighborhood

So, how quickly did Kaylene start seeing her weight drop? By the time December came around and she and Alex were stepping on a plane to Mexico, Kaylene had dropped 40 pounds! What’s more is that upon returning home, she lost another 20 pounds. If that isn’t a testament the power of clean eating and everyday walks, we don’t know what is.


Lifelong Lessons for Your Successful Weight Loss Journey

If there are two things anyone and everyone can glean from Kaylene’s story, it’s the power of cutting out or even minimizing junk food consumption and getting active. The beautiful and inspirational thing about her story is that it doesn’t take much! Although she walked about six miles every day, walking less than that can be incredibly beneficial.

Oh, and having a supportive community helps, too! Whether it’s a partner, friend, family member, coach or mentor, having someone to hold you accountable will make your weight loss journey that much more achievable.


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