Posted on: October 1, 2018 at 1:51 pm

Little to nothing can compare to a mother and father’s unconditional love for their child, but the unconditional love between Kent and his little brother Noah can definitely compete for top spot! When you see 4-year-old Kent’s sense of awe and joy upon seeing his newborn brother, you’ll see why.

In March 2017, Kent in his “BIG BROTHER” sweater ran through the hospital hallways to meet his little brother, Noah, for the first time. Just as mom’s have a sixth sense for when something is about to happen, so do grandmothers. That’s exactly why Kent’s grandma pulled out her phone to catch his pure joy and excitement on camera.


Although Noah may not remember the first time he met his older brother, you can bet Kent, who has Down Syndrome, will cherish this memory for life. (You can watch the heartwarming video below!)

In public settings, people with Down Syndrome can appear distant and not very social. [1] However, when they experience joy, they will express it the best way they know how – purely. Can’t you tell from the way he eagerly hands the baby blue stuffed toy to Noah?

“Although Kent is pretty much still nonverbal, he is trying and knows a little sign language,” says Noah and Kent’s grandma in the YouTube video description. [2] “He is very smart and understands so much it blows me away. I can’t wait to see the bond my Beautiful Grandsons develop. I’m sure they will truly be best friends.”

After his dad lifts him on the bed, he stares in complete awe of his baby brother with big bright eyes and huge smile. Then, he leans in and kisses Noah on the cheek.

Excited to hold him, Kent starts clapping before his parents place a pillow on his lap and place baby Noah onto it. He can’t help but smile, give his brother a kiss, and start tickling his tiny foot.

If anything, we hope this video gave you some of the same joy that Kent experienced that day! Despite all the bad news that steals all the headlines, there are gems like one reminding us that good news is alive and well.

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