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Whether you’re suffering with arthritis or kidney stones, this time-tested wellness secret has been a proven healing agent. Castor oil packs have been celebrated for treating a variety of ailments through the external application of castor oil to the body.

Although this therapy may seem too good to be true, it has been a longhand secret for countless civilizations. Here’s your chance to join the club, with your how-to castor oil pack guide!


What is a Castor Oil Pack?

Castor oils are derived from castor beans. This longtime traditional medical oil dates back to ancient Egypt, both ingested for internal use as well as externally for its topical benefits.


Most commonly, castor oil packs are used on the skin to increase circulation and promote the elimination and healing of tissues and organs hiding underneath the skin. Additionally, castor oil packs are used to relieve pain, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and improve digestion. In fact, castor oil packs have been for a variety of health conditions, including:

  • Appendicitis
  • Arthritis
  • Congestion
  • Constipation
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammation
  • Liver, kidney and pelvic disorders
  • Neuritis
  • Toxemia
  • Scleroderma

Castor Oil Packs and Kidney Stones


Kidney stones are a disorder of the urinary tract, with more than one million Americans visiting the doctor on an annual basis seeking medical attention. These small hard deposits develop inside your kidney, block the normal flow of urine, causing your bladder to swell.

Passing kidney stones can be extremely painful. With that, diminishing its agonizing and uncomfortable symptoms, quickly, is a top priority.

Enter the castor oil pack!

Castor oil packs’ anti-inflammatory abilities are incredibly useful to relieving kidney stone pain and symptoms like cramping or muscle spasms. They also promote lymphatic drainage and purge toxins. Simply press the store-bought or homemade compress onto the kidneys, allow it to seep into the skin, and repeat as needed.

How to Use Castor Oil Packs

To use your castor oil pack, you can place the pack on any of the following regions, as needed:

  • Right side of the abdomen to stimulate the liver
  • Inflamed or swollen joints, bursitis and muscle strains
  • Abdomen to relieve constipation and reduce digestive disorders
  • Lower abdomen for menstrual irregularities or uterine and ovarian cysts
  • Eustachian tubes to clear up plugged ears or ear infections

How to Make Your Own Castor Oil Pack

Store-bought castor oil packs are convenient. But, making your own pack is an easy, cost-effective and worthy investment in your health. Here’s how to do it!


What You Need

  • Three layers of un-dyed wool or cotton flannel large enough to cover the affected area
  • Castor oil
  • Plastic wrap cut 1-2″ larger than the flannel (can be cut from a plastic bag)
  • Hot water bottle
  • An old towel or two
  • Container with lid to store the pads between use
  • Old clothes and sheets as castor oil will stain clothing and bedding

What To Do

  1. The wool or cotton flannel is folded so that it is four layers thick.
  2. Apply the castor oil to the cloth so that is it not dripping, but has saturated the first three layers of the cloth.
  3. The oil-saturated flannel is placed directly on the skin of the lower abdomen.
  4. Cover the flannel with a piece of plastic (some people use a plastic bag).
  5. Apply heat on top of the plastic covered flannel using a hot water bottle or heating pad for 60 minutes or however long your practitioner tells you to.
  6. A blanket or towel can be placed over the heat source to keep everything in place and to keep the heat in better.
  7. After removing the pack, cleanse the area with a dilute solution of water and baking soda. A weak solution contains a teaspoon of baking soda per pint of water.

Uses & Methods

Each castor oil pack can be reused up to 25-30 times and you can add more castor oil as necessary. To increase its longevity, keep the pack out of the sun and in a cool dark place.



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