Posted on: March 26, 2020 at 7:08 am
Last updated: September 2, 2020 at 4:36 pm

Everyday when we read the news, we seem to be getting more doom and gloom. The increasing number of cases of COVID19 popping up all across the country causing closures of schools, stores, and workplaces. Concerts, weddings, sports, and other major events are being cancelled or postponed dues to the terrifying speed in which this virus is infecting not just the nation, but the entire world.


All this bad news is making many of us feel heavy, anxious, and sad. Having to stay home and not being able to see our friends and loved ones is just as hard. 

If you sift through all the bad news, however, you’ll be pleased to find hope in the incredible generosity and acts of kindness being offered to those in need.


Helping those in need.

All over the country, people have been volunteering their time to help those more vulnerable than they are to make sure that they have the things they need. 

For those unable to leave their houses do to compromised immune systems, age, or mobility issues, neighbors and friendly people are going out and getting people groceries, walking people’s dogs, and taking care of people’s gardens and landscaping. Some have even given the simple gift of conversation, offering to call those who live alone for a good chat and some human connection. 

The Hearty Soul Helps Out

Here at The Hearty Soul, we want to empower all of our readers to more easily help those in their neighborhood who need it. In times like these, it is important that we come together as a community and support one another.

If we think of the collective, rather than just about ourselves and our own needs, we will conquer coronavirus faster and with a less devastating impact.


Here is a form you can fill out and send out to your neighbors letting them know that you are there to help them, should they require it. Print it out, fill in what tasks you are able to do, and drop it in your neighbors’ mailboxes.

community kindness card

More Examples of Covid Kindness

Across the country and the globe, individuals and businesses are doing what they can to help those around them get through these difficult times. These stories will not only warm your heart but inspire you to do the same:

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COVID19 ‘Survival’ Packs

A convenience store owner in the UK is creating free COVID19 ‘survival’ packs to ensure everyone has access to the supplies they need. Zahid Iqbal decided to make these after a trip to the store with his parents. He saw the empty shelves of many of the items people need, such as hand sanitizer, paper towels, and toilet paper, and thought of the number of people who can’t even get to the store to attempt to get supplies. Being the owner of a convenience store, he knew he had the power to help out. 

“All the youngsters are picking stuff up, and the older ones are being left out. We have lots of customers from the local care homes, as well as disabled customers, who can’t get hand sanitizers, loo rolls, or anything at all. We just want to set a good example in this world,” said Iqbal [3].

Canadian “Caremongers

In order to fight back against scaremongering, or the unnecessary spread of panic and fear online, groups on social media have formed all over Canada to provide a network of people willing to help other people out during the pandemic. The Toronto Carmongering group has nearly 21,000 members now, which neighborhood specific groups cropping up every day. There are now groups in cities and counties all over Canada, including Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, and Annapolis County Nova Scotia. (1)

The first goal of these groups is of course to help their communities and make sure everyone is looked after. The second and just as important goal is simply to cut through the noise of negativity online and spread positivity in such a dark and uncertain time. (1)

North Carolina Woman Takes Care of Her Neighbors

Becky Hoffer from North Carolina started doing grocery runs for her elderly and at-risk neighbors. She got the idea after talking with her grandfather on the phone, who mentioned he was heading out to the store. She was concerned for him, but unable to help because he lives in New Jersey. It made her think about all of the people living in her neighborhood who may have no one to help them. (2)

She first started by shopping for her next door neighbor, Patti. Then she walked down to the senior living housing community at the end of her street and spoke with people out on their porches. They told her to post a sign near the mailbox station so more people would see it. She has also posted on Facebook to try and spread the word that she wants to help. (2)

“In these situations, when the community steps up, you really lessen the pressure on first responders and medical personnel,” Becky said in an email to Good News Network. “If you’re able to decrease, even by a little bit, the number of patients that have to seek care because they’ve been exposed to something, it’s good for the community as a whole.” (2)

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Countless other acts of kindness are being shared online to help lift people’s spirits and inspire others to do good. Many of them are being shared on Twitter using the hashtag covidkindess. Here is a list of some of the incredible acts of kindness people are doing for their neighbors and communities:

  • An anonymous father who dropped off bags of fresh food for the staff at the Nottingham University Hospital Neonatal unit. (4)
  • This landlord who let their tenant know that they do not need to fear falling behind during this period of layoffs and job loss. (5)
  • A brother-sister duo in Columbus, Ohio performed an impromptu porch concert for their elderly neighbor who is in self-isolation to protect themselves from coronavirus. (6)
  • A Houston man who left a $9,400 tip at his favourite mexican restaurant so that the staff could still be paid during a time of restaurant closures and forced shutdowns. (7)
  • Kevin Love, player for NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers, has donated $100,000 to his team’s arena to ensure all arena staff don’t lose their pay while the NBA is not playing. (8)
  • Children from Wilmette’s Saint Joseph and Francis Xavier Parish are calling the elderly and vulnerable people in their neighborhoods to offer help and friendly conversation. (9)
  • Healthy people have been showing up in record numbers to donate blood in California. (10)
  • Senior citizens in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada are building protective screens for health care workers and receptionists to help prevent spread of the virus into the people who are fighting it.  (11)

We’re all in this together

These are just a few examples of how, when we all come together, we can make the world better for everyone.

If you are unable to donate your money or time, there is one last very important thing you can do to protect the people in your community, country, and around the world:

Stay at home.

And as always, don’t forget to wash your hands!

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